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25 februari 2021

A New Covenant with Nature – Notes on the End of Civilization and the Renewal of Culture

227 Pages | First Quest Edition 1996 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607461.
  • Has modern civilization really improved human lives?
  • Is money evil?
  • Is government necessary?
  • What can we each do to renew our connection with all that is wild, and generative, and free?

In this radical and thought-provoking book, ecophilosopher Richard Heinberg explores these questions with wit, perception, and refreshing insight. Each culture, Heinberg shows, makes a covenant or agreement with nature. Our culture’s agreement is obviously crumbling. If we are to create a new covenant, we must begin by rethinking the givens of society from the ground up – or even, quietly desert the existing social system and help birth a better one.

From Part III – ‘The Great Purification’ (p. 163):

” To speak of wilderness is to speak of wholeness. Human beings came out of that wholeness, and to consider the possibility of reactivating membership in the Assembly of All Beings is in no way regressive. “ – Gary Snyder.

Auteur: Heinberg, R.
ISBN: 0835607461

Prijs: € 18,50

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Frodo’s Quest – Living the Myth in The Lord of the Rings

By Robert Ellwood.

159 Pages | Copyright 2002 by The Theosophical Publishing House in America | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 0835608239

‘Frodo is Everyman’, Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson observed at the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony. That is the seminal idea of this unique book exploring the esoteric spiritual meaning of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy, which has impacted the inner lives of millions of readers, since it was first published in 1954.

Robert Ellwood, a scholar of world religions, finds ancient wisdom in this twentieth-century bestseller concerning the quests we are all called to go on. ‘Like Frodo‘, he says, ‘we each experience challenges that propel us on our own adventure – finally that of exploring the inner worlds and the meaning of our lives.’

Revisiting Middle-earth as a realm for personal discovery, Ellwood presents Tolkien’s story as a tale of every reader’s higher consciousness, death and rebirth, and triumph over evil. He teaches us also to recognize the characters as archetypes we can meet in ourselves: a spiritual guide like Gandalf, a friend like Sam, or, heaven forbid, shadows like Orcs or Ringwraiths. He also provides meditational exercises to help us overcome the trials we face as we make our lives into great journeys instead of dull routine. So be it! Let the Quest begin!

From Chapter 4 – ‘The Weight of the Past’ (p. 59):

” Whether we are aware of it or not, we are voyagers on a pilgrimage across the seas of space and time, gradually riding with the tides back through storm and sun and to the Halls of Light, our true home, whence we came. But like mariners tacking about on that long crossing, in the anxiety of our separateness we think more of personal action and response than we contemplate oneness. When the self-centered impulse reaches the level of the evil Wizard’s fear, hatred, and power, it amounts to rebellion against the One, and in the dark waters we see the wake of Satan or Sauron. More often, our hopes, we manage to keep the distant polar constellations to starboard as we bear toward the Uttermost West. “




Auteur: Ellwood, R.
ISBN: 0835608239

Prijs: € 15,25

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Verzonken Continenten en Continentverschuiving

Door David Pratt.

62 Pagina’s | Eerste druk 2009, tweede druk 2010 | Softcover | Theosophy University Press Agency, Den Haag | ISBN: 9789070328740.

Engels origineel: Sunken Continents versus Continental Drift |

Volgens de platentektoniek hebben ‘legendarische’ verzonken continenten zoals Atlantis en Lemurië nooit echt bestaan. Ze beweert dat continenten duizenden kilometers kunnen verschuiven, maar dat het verrijzen en verzinken van grote continenten onmogelijk zou zijn. De platentektoniek ligt echter zwaar onder vuur. Een groeiende hoeveelheid bewijsmateriaal toont aan dat continenten niet als meubelstukken kunnen worden verplaatst, dat periodieke verticale korstbewegingen een sleutelrol spelen in de evolutie van de aarde, en dat grote delen van de zeebodem in het verre verleden continenten waren.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk ‘Het Verrijzen en Verzinken van Continenten’ (p. 26):

Verticale bewegingen

” De theosofische traditie leert dat de aardkorst zich voortdurend verheft of verzinkt, meestal langzaam maar op sommige momenten met cataclysmische intensiteit. Er is een voortdurende afwisseling van land en water: als één deel van de droge landen verzinkt, ontstaat elders nieuw land. Blavatsky schrijft:

Het opheffen en dalen van continenten gaat steeds voort. De hele kust van Zuid-Amerika is in een uur 10 tot 15 voet opgeheven en ook weer gedaald. Huxley heeft aangetoond dat de Britse eilanden vier keer onder de oceaan zijn gezakt en vervolgens weer zijn omhoog gekomen en opnieuw bevolkt. De Alphen, de Himalaya en de Cordilleras waren alle het gevolg van bezinksels, die zich op de zeebodem hadden afgezet en die door titanische kracht tot hun huidige hoogte werden opgeheven. “

auteur: Pratt, D.
ISBN: 9789070328740

Prijs: € 7,50

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Earth Energies – A Quest for the Hidden Powers of the Planet

By Serge Kahili King Ph.D.

243 Pages | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606821.

How can understanding energy principles make our homes and our landscapes healthier and more balanced? In this intriguing mix of science and speculation, Hawaiian shaman Serge King explores the hidden powers of the Earth. Drawing on the Wisdom of ancient civilizations and on more recent research, King describes the wonders of the unseen natural force known as vril.

Serge Kahili King holds a doctorate in psychology from California Western University. He has studied with Master shamans from Africa from Hawaii and has trained thousands in his popular seminars. He is author of Mastering Your Hidden Self, Imagineering for Health, Kahuna Healing, Urban Shaman, and the audio cassette, The Road to Self-Mastery.

From the Preface:

” We are of the earth, earthy. We certainly have amind and/or spirit which can transcend this planet both physically and metaphysically, but in addition we have animal bodies with animal natures which respond to and interact with the natural forces such as electricity, magnetism, and gravity. Modern science recognizes two others you may be less familiar with, which are called the strong and weak nuclear forces. Shamans, mystics, metaphysicians and more liberal scientists recognize additional forces that can be termed ‘psychoenergetic’, a Russian term meaning that they intera. They interact with the mind as well with the body. These are the ones discussed in the book, because they are so little known, so influential in our lives and so very useful. “

auteur: King, S.
ISBN: 0835606821

Prijs: € 13,50

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The Vision Keepers – Walking for Native Americans and the Earth

By Doug Alderson.

292 Pages | Published in 2007 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608510.

We are all seekers… Some find their path on pilgrimage to the Mahabodhi Temple in India or the Haji Ali mausoleum as they embark on a journey to Mecca. Others find God at the burial site of St. James in the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Author and environmentalist Doug Alderson meets ‘the Great Spirit’ through the ancient spiritual practice of walking. The Vision Keepers is the compelling true story of a seeker who, under the guidance of Bear Heart, a Muskogee Creek Indian and Medicine Man, finds unity with our nation’s native people and reconnects with the earth through profound and mysterious means.

From the Epilogue (p. 260 & 261):

” The Hopi, along with traditional people worldwide, believe it is their role to uphold global balance through their ceremonies and lifestyles. As tribal life has eroded, the hefty burden has fallen on fewer and fewer people. It is now up to everyone, through prayers, thoughts, and actions, to share the responsibility of keeping life in harmonious synchronisation. To create a peaceful and beautiful world for the unborn is perhaps our highest purpose. A great adventure lies ahead, one that will present us with critical choices and challenges. I pray that we will adhere to that old Quaker adage slightly altered, to ‘live simply so that others – and the earth’s creatures – may simply live. “

auteur: Alderson, D.
ISBN: 9780835608510

Prijs: € 17,50

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