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15 februari 2021

Echo’s uit de Gnosis | Deel II Visioenen, Mysterieën en Ritualen

Door George R.S. Mead (1863-1933), samengesteld door en met introductie van Peter Huijs.

256 Pages | Uitgegeven in 2013 | Hardcover | Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem | ISBN: 9789067324267.

In het Alexandrië van de eerste eeuwen van onze jaartelling kon je net zo gemakkelijk hindoes en boeddhisten tegenkomen als Babylonische magiërs of de eigen Egyptische priesters van Isis en Amon-Ra. Dat zag je terug in de fameuze bibliotheek van die stad: zij bood een weerspiegeling van de zucht naar universeel weten, dat de gehele stad doorademde. Een aparte plaats daarbinnen namen de mysteriereligies in. Mithras, Arideus, Zoroaster en de Chaldeeuwse mysterieleer trokken duizenden geïnteresseerden en gelukzoekers, maar ook serieuze zoekers naar een hogere waarheid. Deze laatsten waren aangetrokken door het opschrift dat boven de toegang hing: de plaats voor de genezing van de ziel. Het is de verdienste van Georg Mead, als eerste modern gnosticus, dat hij in deel II van Echo’s uit de Gnosis de exotische and voor ons op het eerste gezicht verbijsterende mysterieleringen van die dagen weet te plaatsen in context van het Westers denken. Mead maakt duidelijk, dat wat veraf en vreemd lijkt en geschilderd werd in de bonte kleuren van die tijd, niettemin deel uitmaakt van het universele weten van de mens, de gnosis van het hart, die de verborgen werelden van de geest doorpeilt.

” Zoekt u God, u zoekt het schone. Er is één pad, dat er heen leidt: toewijding verenigd met Gnosis. Want de toegewijde ziel stijgt op naar de geest, die haar naar het licht van de Gnosis leidt. En zo’n ziel wordt nooit moe God’s lof te zingen en zegeningen uit te storten over alle mensen en in navolging van haar meester allen goed te doen in woord en daad. ” – Hermes Trismegistus.



Auteur: Mead, G.R.S., comp. by Huijs, P.
ISBN: 9789067324267

Prijs: € 24,50

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The Wedding Song of Wisdom (Part of Echoes from the Gnosis)

By George R.S. Mead (1863 – 1933).

107 Pages | The Theosophical Publishing Society London and Benares, 1906| Photo copy | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564591557.

As to the contents and style of this Song, it must be confessed that we have to do with a poem of far less originality than the Hymn of the Robe of Glory, and I have taken it as a subject not so much for its intrinsic merits, as because it affords an opportunity to set forth some information on that great mystery, which was in antiquity generally known as the ‘Sacred Marriage’.

From page 74:

” The Rite of the Sacred Marriage must have been dramatically set forth in some of the inner rituals of the Christianized Gnosis. At any rate we definitely know that this was the case among the Marcosians, for Irenaeus (I. xxi 3), tells us:

Some of them prepare a Bridal Chamber and celebrate a mystery-rite with certain invocations on those who are being perfected; and they declare that what is being solemnized by them is a Sacred Marriage, in likeness with the Unions Above. “


auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564591557

Prijs: € 12,50

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The Hymn of Jesus (A Quest Miniature)

By George Robert Stowe Mead (1863 – 1931).

75 Pages | First published in 1907, Quest book edition 1973 | Paperback | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835604322.

According to Mead the translator of this beautiful Hymn of Jezus, there is strong reason to presume that this work is a very early Christian Mystery ritual. Perhaps the oldest Christian ritual preserved to us.

G.R.S. Mead was a renowned British scholar and a recognized authority on Christian origins and Gnostic and Hermetic literature. He died in 1933, but his works are still widely read. In his commentary on this Hymn in ritual form he has offered and interpretation of its inner, spiritual meaning.

If then, we have before us not a Hymn, but the remains of a mystery-ritual, there must have been two people in the circle. One of them was the Master, the Initiator. Who was the other? Manifestly, the one to be initiated. Now the ultimate end of all Gnosis was the at-one-ment or union of little man with the Great Man, of the human Soul with the Divine Soul… “

auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 0835604322

Prijs: € 4,00

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Some Mystical Adventures

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

338 Pages | Photo copy of the first 1910 edition, J. Watkins, London | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564593592.

From Chapter I – ‘As Above, So Below’:

“Heaven above, heaven below; stars above, stars below; all that is above thus also below.”

– Kircher, Prodrom. Copt. pp. 193 & 275.

‘As above, so below’. Is this great ‘word’ a sacramental phrase, a saying of wisdom, an aphorism, a mystic formula, a fundamental law; or a two-edged sword of word-fence, that will probably do the wielder serious damage, if he is not first put through careful training in its handling – which?

Whether this saying is of Hermetic origin or no, we will not stay formally to inquire. In essence it is probably as old as human thought itself; and, as probably, the idea lying underneath it has been turned topsy-turvy more frequently than any other of the immortal company.


  1. As Above, So Below
  2. Heresy
  3. The elasticity of the permanent body
  4. The immensities
  5. Heirs of the Ages
  6. The Master
  7. Initiation
  8. A measure of what Wisdom means to me
  9. Adumbrations
  10. The heroic life
  11. On the track of Spirituality
  12. Guesses at what to expect
  13. On the art of symbolism
  14. The Self-taught
  15. On the way of the Path
  16. Mystic reality
  17. The deathless race
  18. Mystic cosmogony
  19. Some elementary speculations
  20. On the nature of the Quest.
auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564593592

Prijs: € 15,00

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Quests Old and New

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

338 Pages | Photo copy of the first edition in 1913 by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd, London | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 0922802793.

from the Preface:

” All the studies or sketches in this volume are illustrative of the quest of reality, the search for truth, or the restless striving of the human soul for the satisfaction of its needs, spiritual or philosophical, mystical or psychical. The subjects are gleaned from the past and present, from east and west; and all of them, each in their different ways, seem to the writer to be of deep interest and great importance, even though some are little known and may appear on first acquaintance somewhat strange. “


  1. The Way of the Spirit of ancient China
  2. The Doctrine of the true Man in ancient Chinese mystical philosophy
  3. Spiritual reality in progressive Buddhism
  4. The ideal life in progressive Buddhism
  5. Some features of Buddhist psychology
  6. The doctrine of reincarnation ethically considered
  7. Some mystical experiments on the frontiers of early Christendom
  8. The meaning of Gnosis in the higher forms of Hellenistic religion
  9. ‘The Book of the Hidden Mysteries’ by Hierotheos
  10. The rising psychic tide
  11. Vaihinger’s philosophy of the ‘As If’
  12. Bergon’s intuitionism
  13. Eucken’s activism.




auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 0922802793

Prijs: € 17,50

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Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

442 Pages | Photo copy of the first 1903 edition, The Theosophical Publishing Society, London & Benares | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564591301.

From I. – Foreword:

” When some five and a half centuries before the Christian era the Buddha arose in ancient Āryāvarta to substitute actuality for tradition, to break down the barriers of convention, and throw open the Way of Righteousness to all, irrespective of race or birth, we are told that He set aside the ancestral scriptures of His race and times and preached a Gospel of self-reliance and a freedom from bibliolatry that will ever keep His memory green among the independent thinkers of the world.

When the Christ arose in Judaea, once more to break down the barriers of exclusiveness and preach the Way to the ‘Amme ha-aretz’, the rejected of the ceremonialists and legal purists, we are told that He extended the aegis of His great authority over the ancient writings of His fellow-countrymen, and cited the Torah as the very Law of God Himself. 

We are assured by Traditionalists that the Incarnation of Deity Itself, the very Giver of that Law, explicitly attested the genuineness of the Five Books; He with His inerrant Wisdom, asserted that Moses wrote them, just as it was believed by the people of His day. Whereas, if there be anything certain in the whole field of Biblical research, it is that this cannot be the whole truth of the matter. 

It has been said in excuse, that the Christ did not come on earth to teach His disciples the ‘higher criticism’. This may well be so, and yet it is a fact of profound significance that, as we shall see in the course of the present enquiry, even in His day, this very Torah and much more the Prophets and Sacred Writings, were called in serious question by many. “



auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564591301

Prijs: € 25,00

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Echoes from the Gnosis – Centennial Edition

By G.R.S. Mead (1863 – 1933), edited by John Algeo (1930 – 2019)

510 pages |Original issue 1908, second edition 2006 | Paperback | Quest Books, Wheaton | ISBN: 9780835608411

Between 1906 and 1908, G. R. S. Mead published eleven small books under the series title “Echoes from the Gnosis”. These books contain translations and interpretations of the Gnostic writings of the ancients. Long before the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library, Mead translated these esoteric texts of various origins (Christian, Roman, Greek). He wanted to make this material accessible to the growing number of people at the time eager to encounter this ancient mystical religion based on an intuitive process of knowing oneself and the hidden aspects of life and existence. Upon the publication of the 100-year anniversary edition of the series, the appeal for this same material remains stronger than ever.

auteur: Mead, G.R.S./Algeo, J. (ed.)/Gilbert, R.A. & Hoeller, S.A. (comm.)
ISBN: 9780835608411
Additional DescriptionMore Details

Each chapter focuses on a particular Gnostic text or texts and includes a mix of historical background, informed hypotheses about the origins of the texts, and literary interpretation. Having devoted his life to esoteric studies, Mead is uniquely qualified to offer insight and meaning into the complex symbolism found within these books. You may be surprised to learn, as Mead suggests, that some of these texts were not even intended to be read as books, but utilized in mystery rituals and songs. G. R. S. Mead was a pioneer in Gnostic studies who always sought to unite his studies with the quest for spiritual knowledge. As a result, Echoes from the Gnosis reflects an unusual combination of scholarship of a high order with a conviction of the truth of Gnosticism that inquirers into this topic will deeply appreciate. G. R. S. Mead was a renowned British scholar and a recognized authority on Christian origins and Gnostic and Hermetic literature. He died in 1933, but his works are still widely read. Other titles by the author: – The Hymn of Jesus: Echoes from the Gnosis


Prijs: € 29,95

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Concerning H.P.B. (Stray Thoughts on Theosophy)

By George R.S. Mead (1863-1933).

Pages | Photo copy | Reprinted from The Theosophical Review, Vol. XXXIV , 1904/1919 | Kessinger Publishing Company, Montana U.S.A. | ISBN: 1564592529.

I (Wisdom) love them that love me – Prov. viii, 17. Where there is mystery, it is generally supposed that there must also be evil. ” – Lord George Gordon Byron (1788 – 1824).

Let us for a few minutes turn our thoughts together to the woman without whom, in every probability, there would have been no Theosophical movement to-day as we understand it. Let us consider briefly the crude and blundering question: ‘Do you believe in Blavatsky?

To me this question sounds strange, sounds even if I may say so, vulgar. ‘Blavatsky’ No one who knew her, knew her thus tout court. For her enemies even, while she lived, she was Madame Blavatsky (1831 – 1891), or at least H.P. Blavatsky; while for her friends and lovers she was Helena Petrovna, or H.P.B., or the ‘Old Lady’ – which last once gave occasion to a pretty witticism of a friend, who slyly remarked that it would have been awkward had Madame been Monsieur.




auteur: Mead, G.R.S.
ISBN: 1564592529

Prijs: € 3,20

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