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9 oktober 2019

Nicholas & Helena Roerich: The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers

By Ruth A. Drayer.

357 Pages | First Quest Edition 2005 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608435.

The world has never before so needed Nicholas and Helena Roerich’s vision of universal brotherhood. Early twentieth-century Russian mystics, they sought to unite humanity through art and culture. Nicholas created over 7.000 paintings, some of which appear here in full color. Helena, a gifted healer, wrote the revered Agni Yoga series. Ruth Drayer weaves their teachings with their journeys to the most dangerous regions of Central Asia, where they were the first Caucasians many people had seen.

A Noble Peace Price nominee, Nicholas inspired the Roerich Peace Pact signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and twenty-two countries. Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace, who admired Roerich, sent him to Mongolia to find drought-resistant grasses. But the true mission (did Wallace know?) was to locate Shambhala and create a ‘New Country’ to usher in an era of world peace. In a way the couple could not foresee, the venture did indeed change the course of history.

Here is the definite work – the only one that reveals how intimately the Roerich’s beliefs directed their lives and that features Helena as a leading spiritual force and pioneering feminist.

From Chapter 15 – ‘Into Tibet’:

” The Master explained, ‘Truly the experience of journeying gives the best key to the realization of cosmic lives. The true traveler reflects lucidly on the path, which lies behind and clearly expresses the desired direction. He will appraise former circumstances and will foresee the better possibilities. “

auteur: Drayer, R.A.
ISBN: 9780835608435

Prijs: € 25,95

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