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17 januari 2020

A Geometry of Space-Consciousness

By James S. Perkins (1899 – 1991).

147 Pages | First edition 1964, 2nd revised edition 1973, 3rd revised edition 1978, 1st reprint 1986 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170590205.

In this little volume, a new approach to the understanding of that ultimate mystery, Space, has been indicated. Physical space is viewed as the outer, visible appearance of an invisible ‘inner space’. The explanation given herein of major concepts are treated visually as well as verbally to render precisely the geometrical patterns of movement. There are two geometries:

  1. The geometry of form in physical space.
  2. The geometry of motion in man’s consciousness.

The object of this manual is to describe for practical use the movements of consciousness and their inter-orbital transpositions as a means of creative self-discovery.

From the Introduction (p. v):

” HERMES Trismegistus proclaimed that the greatest ill among men is ignorance of God. Since the greater sages and teachers of mankind have ever taught that the above is reflected in the below, the statement attributed to Hermes is tantamount to saying that the greatest ill among men is the ‘igorance of men’ – ignorance of man’s God-self. “

auteur: Perkins, J.S.
ISBN: 8170590205

Prijs: € 3,74

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The Web in the Sea – Jung, Sophia and the Geometry of the Soul

By Alice O. Howell.

284 Pages | A Quest Original 1993, including illustrations | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606880.

Geometry is hidden in the symbolism of all religions. In this magical book, Alice O. Howell weaves a ramble on the sacred Isle of Iona with a meditation on the geometrical forms we encounter everyday. With the mediating help of Sophia, the divine feminine principle of Wisdom, she shows how we can decode the inner meaning of shapes, numbers, and other symbols through intuition, to enrich our experience of living and deepen our appreciation of the mystery of form.

A Companion to Howell’s other work; The Dove in the Stone, this book is illustrated with fifty line drawings and figures and includes an entertaining workbook – Sophia’s Mondayschool – with exercises guiding readers in exploring for themselves the mysteries of sacred geometry.

From Chapter IV – ‘Dark within Light, Light within Dark’ (p. 43):

” The Celts have a lovely image called the ‘Tir-nan-Og’ – Land of Youth, the Blessed Isles, the Happy Isles. Each of us has such an island within our Souls – a beautiful space within us to visit. I remember when I was a teacher of children, I assigned a composition exercise called ‘My Island’. Without any hesitation, the children, then about ten and eleven years old, happily began imaging their island. Each made a map and peopled it according to their wishes. Animals, birds, fish, trees, mountains, and springs appeared miraculously full-blown from the unconscious of these children. It was as if they carried a paradise within them, just the right size.

The Happy Isles are an archetypical place, and I mention this, lest anyone get discouraged at the thought that they cannot travel to Scotland and the Hebrides – to Iona, the Isle of the Dove. We have our own Iona within us. A lovely exercise to give oneself as one is falling asleep is to image what one’s Happy Isle would be like. “

auteur: Howell, A.O.
ISBN: 0835606880
Ateur: Howell, A.O.

Prijs: € 15,95

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