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29 januari 2021

Invisible Worlds – Annie Besant on Psychic and Spiritual Development

By Kurt Leland

411 pages | 2013 | Softcover | Quest Books, Wheaton | ISBN: 9780835609104

Essays compiled by Kurt Leland

Annie Besant (1847 – 1933) was a British-born advocate of religious freedom and socialist economics; en activist for the rights of women, children, and workers; and a crusader for India’s political independence/\. An inspiring public speaker and still revered as a spiritual teacher, she was also the second president of the Theosophical Society. This book presents her lectures and writings in which she reveals not only the potential dabgers of psychic and spiritual development, but also how to prepare ourselves safely for true spiritual unfolding.
This finely arranged and annotated collection shines a brilliant beam onto both the ordered structure of Annie Besant’s thought and the richness of the realms with which she dealt. Highly recommended. –Robert Ellwood, PhD.

Kurt Leland, poet, composer, author, and consciousness researcher, maintains a spiritual counseling practice in the Boston area. His website includes The Annie Besant Shrine, a comprehensive bibliography of Besant’s writings.

Auteur: Leland, K
Auteur: Leland, K
ISBN: 9780835609104

Prijs: € 29,00

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De Natuurlijke Zon

Door Jakob Lorber (1800 – 1864).

312 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 2007 | Softcover | De Ster, imprint van Uitgeverij Schors, Amsterdam | ISBN: 9789065562760.

Duits origineel: Die natürliche Sonne: Mitteilungen über unsere Sonne und ihre natürlichen Verhältnisse | Lorber Verlag, Bietigheim | ISBN: 9783874951289.

Mededelingen over de Zon en haar natuurlijke omstandigheden middels het Innerlijke Woord ontvangen door Jakob Lorber.

Onder de natuurwetenschappelijke geschriften die Jakob Lorber, de ziener uit Stiermarken, rond het midden van de negentiende eeuw door de gave van het Innerlijke Woord ontving, is het werk over onze zon wel een van de meest verbazingwekkende. Het slaat een brug van de natuurlijke staat naar de geestelijke wereld en is geschikt om het wereldbeeld van de moderne mens fundamenteel te wijzigen.

Wat het huidige onderzoek ons over buitenaardse hemellichamen weet te zeggen, berust enkel op astronomische waarnemingen, aangevuld met inzichten uit de natuurkunde en de chemie. Maar toch zijn de daaruit verkregen conclusies geenszins gegarandeerde feiten; zij dienen slechts als basis voor theorieën en werkhypothesen, die al herhaaldelijk door andere, nieuwe, vervangen moesten worden.

Zolang de apparaten aan de grondstoffelijke materie ontspringen en de waarnemers in hun bewustzijn enkel aan de materie hangen, mag men ook in de toekomst geen definitief resultaat van het ruimteonderzoek verwachten. De exacte wetenschap maakt weliswaar gebruik van elektriciteit, licht, atomen en kosmische stralen, maar toch blijft het diepste wezen daarvan vreemd aan iedereen die niet in staat is met een geestelijke blik door de sluier van de materie heen te dringen. Wie echter zijn innerlijk tot leven wekt en zijn zielenkrachten verenigt met de goddelijke geestvonk in zichzelf, heeft deel aan het kosmische bewustzijn van de geest. Vanuit dit ‘blikveld van God’ ontstonden alle geschriften van Lorber, die de diepste dingen raken en die wetenschap en religie tegelijk zijn.

Afkomstig uit Paragraaf 69 – ‘ (p. 267):

” 7. Bij God komt de wijsheid voort uit de liefde, zoals het licht uit de vlam. Ook al worden de dingen in hun verscheidenheid door de goddelijke wijsheid op hun plaats gebracht en geordend, kan echter toch niemand meer ontkennen dat zij in diepste wezen uiteindelijk samen met de wijsheid uit de liefde moeten voortkomen. Wel, nu we dat inzien, moet het toch ook duidelijk zijn, dat vanuit de diepste grond beschouwd zich alles in de grootste orde moet schikken en samenvoegen alsof er uiterlijk geen verschil tussen zou bestaan. De veelsoortigheid van de reeds bij de vorige mededeling beschreven bomen komt uiteindelijk in de zaadkorrel, in de oude, eenvoudige, eenduidige, eeuwige ordening weer samen.

8. Wie dus vanuit deze innerlijke ordening, of nog duidelijker gezegd: wie vanuit zijn innerlijke liefde voor Mij, als de oerkiem van al het geschapene, zichzelf en alle schepselen beschouwt, zal overal een en dezelfde eenheid en een en dezelfde in elkaar grijpende ordening aantreffen!

Auteur: Lorber, J.
ISBN: 9789065562760

Prijs: € 25,50

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Music Forms – Superphysical Effects of Music Clairvoyantly Observed

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

35 Pages | First Edition 1976, First to Third Reprints 1979 – 2004 | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar

This book records the results of certain clairvoyant investigations carried out by Mr. Geoffrey Hodson on the effects produced by music upon the adjacent matter of the superphysical worlds. Eight compositions, including Handel, Bach, Mozart, Haydn and Wagner were studied and the results are recorded here in words and colour. Mr. Hodson’s observations arising from his clairvoyant research were carefully taken down while each performance was proceeding, and to these descriptions pictures were produced by artists later. The music was under the guidance of Dr. Gordon Kingsley of Beverly Hills Church in Hollywood, California, and he has provided notes on the compositions.

Also included is a study of the responses of physical substances to various vibrations, carried out by the Swiss scientist and artist Dr. Hans. Jenny, published here by the permission of the author and the Editor of THE UNESCO COURIER, 1969, in which it appeared.

Author: Hodson, Geoffrey
ISBN: 8170590906

Prijs: € 14,00

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Man’s Supersensory and Spiritual Powers

By Geoffrey Hodson (1886 – 1983).

193 Pages | First Edition, 7th Reprint 2005 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170593220.

Man undoubtedly possesses, in however rudimentary a form, certain supersensory powers. Their unfoldment can be hastened through Raja Yoga as the chief means. Included in this volume are talks by the author broadcast over the air in Australia. They are a guide to managing human life and developing the character needed for such unfoldment. However it is not the development of psychic powers that is man’s supreme goal, but ‘Self-realization’. Psychic powers are only by-products in the spiritual process of seeking ‘Realization’ and are not ends in themselves . . .



Author: Hodson, Geoffrey
ISBN: 8170593220

Prijs: € 8,00

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The Reality of ESP – A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities

By Russel Targ. Foreword by Stephan A. Schwartz.

306 Pages | First Quest Edition 2012 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608848.

On February 4, 1974, members of The Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped the nineteen-year-old newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst from her apartment situated in Berkeley, California. Desperate to find her, the police called physicist Russell Targ and Pat Price; a psychic retired police commissioner. As Price turned the pages of the police mug book filled with hundreds of pictures, he suddenly pointed out to one of them and announced: ‘That’s the ringleader’! The man’s name turned out Donald DeFreeze and he was indeed subsequently so identified. Price also described the type and location of the kidnap car, which then enabled the police to trace the vehicle within minutes.

This remarkable event depicts one reason Russell Targ believes, so the speak, in the existence of ‘extra sensory phenomena’ (ESP). Another reason is that his group earned $120.000,- by forecasting changes in the silver-commodity futures market for nine weeks in a row. In his research, with all the proof Targ has assembled (and there is more besides), he suggests all life is interconnected and interdependent. There is an aspect of human consciousness that exists independent of time and space, that is susceptible to volitional control; and there is an interconnection between all life forms, that must be understood if the universal impulse humans feel toward the spiritual component of their lives is to mature properly. This assertion is not just a scientific fact: it is a worldview. If you accept it, you will make different life choices. Targ’s proof is a beginning, not an end.

From Chapter 12 – ‘Naked Awareness’ (p. 242):

” From thirty-five hundred years ago the Hindu Vedas teach us that our awareness, or Self (Ātman), is one with and unseparated from ultimate transcendent reality, the physical and  non-physical universe, or Brahman. We need experience, no separation from any aspect of the universe in consciousness. More recently, the great physicist Erwin Schrodinger, who perfected quantum mechanics, has written in his thoughtful monograph ‘What is Life’, that the teaching that Ātman equals Brahman is the greatest of all metaphysical principles. He goes on to write about non-separation: ‘Consciousness is a singular of which the plural is unknown. There is only one thing, and that which seems to be a plurality is simply a series of different aspects that one thing produced by a deception (Māyā). The same illusion is produced in a gallery of mirrors’. “

auteur: Targ, R.
ISBN: 9780835608848
Additional DescriptionMore Details

As a scientist, Targ demands proof. His experience is based on two decades of investigations at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), which he cofounded with physicist Harold Puthoff in 1972. This twenty-million dollar program launched during the Cold War was supported by the CIA, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Army and Air Force Intelligence. The experiments they conducted routinely presented results could have happened by chance less than once in a million. Targ describes four types of experiments: Remote Viewing, in which a person describes places and events independent of space and time. For example, while in California Price drew to scale a Soviet weapons factory at Semipalitinsk with great accuracy later confirmed by Satellite photography. In another remote viewing, Targ accurately sketched an airport in San Andreas, Columbia himself. Distant Mental Influence, where the thoughts of the experimenter can positively or negatively affect the physiology (heart rate, skin resistance, etc.) of a distant person. Whole field isolation, where someone in a state of sensory isolation accurately describes the visual experiences of someone else in another place. Precognition and retrocausality, showing that the future can affect the past. That is, the elephant you see on television in the morning can be the cause of your having dreamed about elephants the previous night. Final chapters present evidence for survival after death; explain how ESP works based on the Buddhist/Hindu view of ourselves as nonlocal, eternal awareness; discuss the ethics of exercising psychic abilities,and show us how to explore ESP ourselves. “I am convinced,” Targ says, “that most people can learn to move from their ordinary mind to one not obstructed by conventional barriers of space and time. Who would not want to try that?” This book contains, among many other things, a comprehensive yet concise description of the government programs the author helped developed to research psi phenomena. For this reason alone, the book is an historically important contribution. In addition, it contains many compelling first-person descriptions of psi. This is a book I can feel comfortable recommending to skeptical colleagues. Very important! — David E Presti, University of California, Berkeley This book, detailing its author’s many successful investigations into the paranormal, should make those who deny the possible existence of such phenomena think again”. — Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Emeritus Professor, Physics, University of Cambridge Russell Targ is a physicist and author, and was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications. He holds his B.S. in Physics from Queens College, and did graduate work in physics at Columbia University. Targ has received two National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards for inventions and contributions in lasers and laser communications, and has published over one hundred scientific papers on lasers, plasma physics and ESP research.


Prijs: € 18,95

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Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings in Other Realms

By Atala Dorothy Toy.

227 Pages | First Quest Edition 2012, incl photographs| Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835609029.

Faeries, angels, ghosts, orbs and spirit of place are some of the real life forms, who exist in distinct worlds, that interrelate with our human realm. We share the universe with a wide variety of life forms. Most of these life forms share similar motivations: the need to survive, thrive, prosper, protect themselves, assist others, grow in self-awareness, and learn to exist as solitary units and in cooperation with others, These life forms have a wide variety of motivations and behaviour patterns within their worlds – also just like us.

The book covers a fairly broad range of occurrences, for the stories are drawn not only from the author’s experiences, but from those of clients, who have come to her for help. Some of the stories in this book include photographs of the life forms involved.

Atala Dorothy Toy, workshop leader, subtle energy consultant, and nature-spirit photographer, is the founding president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc., a company providing subtle-energy products to the public. She is also author of We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation.

From Chapter 4 – ‘Rock, Tree and Faery Spirits’ (p. 205):

” The Green Faery is a nature spirit energy; sometimes called a deva and sometimes and earth angel, who exists throughout the earth consciousness. She is mother-like energy, who enlists cooperation from all within her domain or family – the earth as a whole – much like an archangel such as Michael. Both can appear wherever needed and called upon. Each has the ability to consciously contact humans they wish to interact with, inform and inspire. The Green Faery chose to reveal herself to me after I had been consciously working to demonstrate the aliveness of nature from some nine years. Since the first time she often manifests in photographs when I am in the ‘zone’ and really tune with the nature energies around me. “

auteur: Toy, A.D.
ISBN: 9780835609029
Additional DescriptionMore Details

With substantive clarity, she explains time travel, portals, dowsing, negative and positive vortexes, balls of energy known as merkabahs, ley lines, and orbs-the plasma of some life form visible to human eyes or to cameras, many of which are nature spirits who enjoy being around happy energy and so are often seen at parties and spiritual gatherings.

“A fascinating, heartfelt, and extremely convincing account of spiritual domains, and the beings that inhabit them, that have for far too long been ignored or discounted by the modern world.”—Ptolemy Tompkins, author of Paradise Fever, The Divine Life of Animals and The Modern Book of the Dead A professional interdimensional communicator, Atala is up to the minute in her understanding of the emerging field of spiritual sciences and the correlations between modern physics and ancient metaphysical traditions that perceive the oneness of all nature. We all communicate interdimensionally every day, she says. We just don’t know it, and so we lose out on the many ways to receive help from the other life forms who share our space. Drawing on her own and her clients’ experiences, she teaches through colorful stories and her own powerful photographs. Titles include “The Ghost Who Washed Dishes,” “The Haunted Hotel,” “The Guardian of the Spring,” “The Horse Who Knew More Than His Owners,” “The Jilted House,” “The Stranded Gnome,” “The Moss Faery,” “The Owl on Turtle Island,” and “The Balsam Who Loved the Birch.” She also includes lessons explaining the energetic principles of the situation; simple exercises for mastering the principle contained in the story; and tips for photographing other life forms using technology available to anyone, such as digital or even cell phone cameras. By entering the fascinating realm of this book, the reader will join the growing number of people aware of subtle energy and able to see through the veils between dimensions. Not only is this possibility personally enriching, it serves a broader purpose as well. Needless to say, the planet and everything on it is at a critical juncture. In damaging the earth, we have damaged the nature beings’ home as well. It is therefore strongly in their interest to assist us in transforming the earth into something better. This book shows us how to learn from and enjoy them in a most delightful way. Atala Dorothy Toy is an author, workshop leader, subtle energy consultant, nature spirit photographer, and the founding president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc – a company that provides subtle energy products and information to the public.


Prijs: € 18,95

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The Chakras And The Human Energy Fields

By Shafica Karagulla, M.D (1914  – ca. 1986) and Dora van Gelder Kunz (1904 – 1999).

243 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1989 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835606417.


Shafica Karakulla, specialist in neuropsychiatry, and Dora van Gelder Kunz, gifted clairvoyant and healer, present experimental evidence that illness can be seen in the subtle energy fields of the body. Fascinating case studies of actual patients show that clairvoyant observation can diagnose disease and even reveal potential illness before it manifests in physical symptoms. The key to health and disease, the author shows, lies in the dynamic interaction between the body’s physical, emotional and mental fields and universal energy fields. Understanding this interaction can help us alter our energy patterns in the direction of better self-integration, health and wholeness.

From Chapter 17: ‘The Role of Consciousness – Towards the Future (p. 190):

” The chakras are centers of energy, which are constantly interacting with one another from hour to hour, and changes in the energy patterns occur as a continuing process. Healing therefore reflected in changes of rhythm and other basic alterations in these centers. Meditation and visualization, if done regularly and combined with changes in behavior, can produce modifications in the chakra patterns, and these are reflected in the person’s health and physical well-being. A genuine transformation can thus be observed. Whether the person knows about the role the chakras play as energy centers makes no difference whatsoever. “

auteur: Karagulla, S./Kunz-van Gelder, D.
ISBN: 9780835606417

Prijs: € 21,50

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The End Times – Prophecies of Coming Changes

By John van Auken.

168 Pages | First edition 1971, 2nd – 5th printings: 1993 – 1996. This is the 6th printing of 2001 | Softcover | A.R.E. Press, Virginia U.S.A. | ISBN: 0876043635.

This eye-opening book looks at prophecies from four major sources: The Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Holy Mother as she has appeared in visions over the years. The author examines startling predictions of the ‘End Times’ as they relate to the millennium, emphasizing the strong similarities among these diverse sources.

Examined are:

  • Prophecies from The Revelation, Daniel, and other books of the Bible about the final days and the ‘Second Coming’.
  • Concepts from the Cacye readings about earth changes and the prophecies written in stone within the Great Pyramid.
  • Nostradamus’s amazing predictions from centuries ago.
  • Messages from Marian apparitions warning of impending cataclysmic changes unless there is a return to God.
  • And much more!

From Chapter Four – ‘The Divine from the Holy Mother’ (The Divine Feminine) (p. 149 & 150):

” The Blessed Virgin appeared in a white dress, a blue mantle with a crown of small golden stars above her head. Her feet were not visible. Her hands were wide open. Her hair is long, dark brown and wavy, and parted in the middle. She has an oval shaped face and her nose is long and delicate. Her mouth is very pretty with rather full lips. The color of her face is dark, but lighter than the Angel’s – it’s different. Her voice is very lovely, a very unusual voice that I can’t describe. There is no woman that resembles the Blessed Virgin in her voice, or anything else. In her arms she sometimes carries the baby Jesus. He is very tiny, like a newborn with a little face. His complexion is like that of the Blessed Virgin’s. “

auteur: Auken, J. van
ISBN: 9780876043639

Prijs: € 12,95

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