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7 mei 2020

Mandala – Luminous Symbols for Healing (First Quest Edition)

By Judith Cornell (1941–2010), Ph.D., with a Foreword by Drs. Joan and Miron Borysenko.

154 Pages | First Quest Edition 1994 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607100.

The Sacred Art of the Mandala reflects the Soul or luminous consciousness, the essence of who we really are. Judith Cornell wrote Mandala to help in the healing of body, mind and spirit, to lift the veil or spiritual darkness, and to alleviate personal and planetary suffering.

Contemplating and creating Mandalas, such as those in these pages, can help heal our sense of spiritual and psychic fragmentation, manifest creative energy and optimism, and reconnect us to our essential Being.

The book honours the work and thoughts of the illumined saints and sages of all traditions and celebrates the common bonds, which unite all practitioners of Sacred Art. Just as the many colours of the rainbow are reflections of a single source of radiance, so too the spiritual art of many traditions flows from a single Source – The One Consciousness of ultimate Enlightenment.

From Chapter 6 – Illuminating Sacred and Mystical Realities (p. 123):

” The human person is the from and the fullness of creation. In humankind, God brings to fullness all his creation. God created humankind, so that humankind might cultivate the earthly and thereby create the heavenly. Humankind should be the banner of divinity. Divinity is aimed at humanity. “

auteur: Cornell, J.
ISBN: 0835607100

Prijs: € 23,00

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