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13 november 2019

Life Streams – Journeys into Meditation and Music

By Hal A. Lingerman.

340 Pages | A Quest Original, first published in 1988 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606295.

‘Like a carpet ride, music carries the listener/reader into the Eternal in daily meditations, that both delight and inspire’. 

This inspirational book of daily meditations offers readers, who appreciate music an enriched multi-media experience. Lingerman blends suggested classical and New Age music with daily meditations, anchored by passages from some of the greatest Souls in history. The result is harmony and balance. A meditative theme sets the tone for each day, followed by a quotation from Thoreau, Schweitzer, Franklin, Lincoln, or perhaps Pythagoras. Then guided imagery sets a general course for the reader to ’take off’ on the theme wherever intuïtion may lead. Finally, a selection of music is recommended to highlight the daily theme.

The reader/listener may focus on a daily classical selection from Dvorak, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi or perhaps Ravel. Popular New Age musical selections are listed as alternatives to persons, who may prefer the soundscapes of Zamfir, Paul Horn or perhaps Richard Musk.

From Pages 319 & 320:

December 21st

” FOCUS: The Angels help man as far as he can be helped. They intensify all his highest aspirations, stir up his adoration and his love, and to give effect to the ancient and beautiful words of their traditional Hymn: ‘Glory be to God in the highest, on earth peace to men of goodwill’. – Dora van Gelder.

MEDITATION: Feel the Angels today, stirring your sense of joy and adoration. Let your heart open now; feel the surge of the Spirit, the current of life coursing through you. The glory of God shines through you.

MUSICAL KEYNOTES: Jakub Jan Ryba, ‘Czech Mass’ (Matl-Supraphon). This very ancient setting of the Mass, for soloists, chorus and orchestra, brings a devotional quality and contains many beautiful melodies of adoration.

Zdenek Fibich, Symphony No. 3 (Belohlavek-Supraphon), Love and nature are the themes of this wonderful music. In the adagio (slow movement) a sense of bliss and deep devotion emerge to bathe the listener in sound.

Soundings of the Planet: Joy to the World (box 43512, Tucson, AZ 85733). This contemporary statement of Christmas contains a joyful spirit of adoration. “

auteur: Lingerman, H.A.
ISBN: 0835606295

Prijs: € 8,50

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