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25 februari 2021

Venus is geen Vamp – Het Vrouwbeeld in 35.000 Jaar Venuskunst

Door Annine van der Meer.

456 Pages | Uitgegeven in 2009 | Softcover | Academie PanSophia i.s.m. A3 Boeken, Geesteren | ISBN: 9789077408674.

In dit boek maakt Annine van der Meer een einde aan het geseksualiseerde, gedemoniseerde en patriarchale beeld van de Oervrouw. Ze rekent af met het vrouwloze beeld van de prehistorie, zoals de Vaderlandse geschiedenis ons voorschotelt. Als een ware pionier brengt Annine van der Meer orde in de chaos van de Venuskunst, de sacrale voorchristelijke vrouwelijke kunst, die te maken heeft met leven, dood en wedergeboorte. En dan blijkt, dat er geen sprake is van chaos, maar van een coherente symbooltaal, die universeel en mondiaal is. Dat vrouwelijke kunst – in tegenstelling tot mannelijke kunst – in grote hoeveelheden is vervaardigd volgens een uniform standaardmodel, dat over vele millennia is overgeleverd. Het bewijs wordt geleverd dat vrouwelijkheid gerespecteerd is en centraal geeft gestaan zonder daarbij de balans met het mannelijke in de oude egalitaire samenlevingen te verstoren.

Dit boek bestaat uit twee delen. In deel I brengt de schrijfster de Venuskunst in kaart met een typologie en classificatie van soorten en stijlen. Varianten en lichaamshoudingen plaatst ze in een chronologisch kader tegen de achtergrond van een complexer wordende samenleving. De kunst spiegelt de natuur en de man-vrouwverhouding in die cultuur. Over de hele linie laat Venuskunst een verharding en militarisering van de samenleving zien, waarin de positie van de vrouw en dus het vrouwbeeld verslechtert.

  • DEEL 1: behandelt de periode 35.000 – 10.000 v. Chr. – vanaf het moment dat de vroeg-moderne mens zich in Europa verspreidt tot het moment dat de laatste ijstijd afloopt en de overgang van jagen en voedselverzamelen naar landbouw inzet.
  • DEEL 2: behandelt de verschillende thema’s en de bijbehorende symbolen per cultuur en chronologisch vanaf 10.000 v. Chr. tot het jaar o. De thema’s zijn: Venus’ vormen en getallen. haar lievelingsplekken, haar partnerdieren, haar geliefde bomen en planten, haar opvallendste lichaamsdelen, haar favoriete kleding, hoofdtooi en uitrusting, en haar kenmerkende lichaamshoudingen. Tot slot is er aandacht voor Maria, die veel van Venus’ symbooltaal meeneemt naar de christelijke periode.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk 6: ‘Haar favoriete Kleding, Hoofdtooi en Uitrusting’ (blz. 355):


” Cyprus is het eiland van Aphrodite. Hier is door de eeuwen heen zo veel vrouwelijke kunst gevonden, dat het modebeeld zich goed laat volgen. Aan de basis ligt een oeroude natuurreligie en vruchtbaarheidscultus rond de Anassa of de soevereine, die vanaf 3.000 aantoonbaar in de kunst aanwezig is. Zij leeft voort in volksverhalen als de Righena (van het Latijnse ‘regina’ of koningin). Er wordt verhaald dat zij in velden, grotten, bronnen en bergen leeft. Het liefst verblijft zij in afgelegen grotten hoog in de bergen. Zij is liefdevol, maar kan ook wreed zijn; ook naar haar minnaar toe. Zij ondergaat Oosterse invloeden uit Egypte en Klein-Azië. Een hele tijd loopt zij naar goed oud-Oosters gebruik naakt of in doorschijnende kleding. Vanaf de 12de en 11de eeuw bereiken de Kretenzers en Grieken het eiland; ze vermengen zich met de inheemse bevolking. Nu ‘vergriekst’ de Anassa tot de Griekse godin, die later Aphrodite wordt genoemd. “

Auteur: Van der Meer, A.
ISBN: 9789077408674

Prijs: € 20,00

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The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries

By Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz (1878 – 1965).

524 Pages | First published by Henry Frowde in 1911, this fascimile edition has been carefully scanned and reprinted in the traditional manner | Softcover | The Lost Library, Glastonbury | ISBN: 9781906621100.

The most scholarly work on fairies ever published.

This rare book contain priceless ethnographic fieldwork and provides an invaluable snapshot of the fairy belief system taken at the cusp of modernity. There are regional surveys of fairy faith in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Brittany and the Isle of Man.

Examining each of the hypothetical explanations of the fairy phenomena in turn, including theories of fairies as reclusive dwarfs, disembodied spirits or figments of human imagination, the author concludes that they may indeed be a manifestation of inhabitants of a higher reality that only some people are able to view, let alone understand.

From Section I – The Living Fairy-Faith (B):

In the Beauty of the World lies the ultimate redemption of our mortality. When we shall become at one with Nature in a sense profounder even than the poetic imaginings of most of us, we shall understand what we now fail to discern. ” – Fiona MacLeod.


Auteur: Evanz-Wents, W.Y.
ISBN: 9781906621100

Prijs: € 12,50

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Frodo’s Quest – Living the Myth in The Lord of the Rings

By Robert Ellwood.

159 Pages | Copyright 2002 by The Theosophical Publishing House in America | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. – ISBN 0835608239

‘Frodo is Everyman’, Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson observed at the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony. That is the seminal idea of this unique book exploring the esoteric spiritual meaning of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy, which has impacted the inner lives of millions of readers, since it was first published in 1954.

Robert Ellwood, a scholar of world religions, finds ancient wisdom in this twentieth-century bestseller concerning the quests we are all called to go on. ‘Like Frodo‘, he says, ‘we each experience challenges that propel us on our own adventure – finally that of exploring the inner worlds and the meaning of our lives.’

Revisiting Middle-earth as a realm for personal discovery, Ellwood presents Tolkien’s story as a tale of every reader’s higher consciousness, death and rebirth, and triumph over evil. He teaches us also to recognize the characters as archetypes we can meet in ourselves: a spiritual guide like Gandalf, a friend like Sam, or, heaven forbid, shadows like Orcs or Ringwraiths. He also provides meditational exercises to help us overcome the trials we face as we make our lives into great journeys instead of dull routine. So be it! Let the Quest begin!

From Chapter 4 – ‘The Weight of the Past’ (p. 59):

” Whether we are aware of it or not, we are voyagers on a pilgrimage across the seas of space and time, gradually riding with the tides back through storm and sun and to the Halls of Light, our true home, whence we came. But like mariners tacking about on that long crossing, in the anxiety of our separateness we think more of personal action and response than we contemplate oneness. When the self-centered impulse reaches the level of the evil Wizard’s fear, hatred, and power, it amounts to rebellion against the One, and in the dark waters we see the wake of Satan or Sauron. More often, our hopes, we manage to keep the distant polar constellations to starboard as we bear toward the Uttermost West. “




Auteur: Ellwood, R.
ISBN: 0835608239

Prijs: € 15,25

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The Practice of Dream Healing – Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine

By Edward Tick, Ph.D.

291 Pages | First Quest Edition 2001 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835607995.

A Sacred Journey to bring Soul back into Treatment.

Asklepios was the gentle Greek God of healing. Like Christ, he was said to have walked the earth performing miracle cures. His medicine was practiced by priests known as therapeutes (the first therapists) who interpreted patients’ dreams, in which the God gave advice. The results, as well-documented in literature and thousands of ancient testimonies, reveal the root of modern medical science and psychotherapy.

In this classic work, psychotherapist and Greek scholar Dr. Edward Tick explores the God as an archetype of the divine physician symbolizing the Self. What he discovers restores the foundation for a truly holistic medicine. First, he transports us through myth and history on an imaginal pilgrimage based on his journeys with patients to ancient Greek healing sites, where they recreate the dream incubation ceremonies once held in Asklepian temples. Then, from case-studies he crafts practical methods that today’s healing professionals and lay readers can use anywhere, with or without the help of specialists. His radical model shows how consulting rooms, hospitals, and any place of rest can become sanctuaries for the recovery of the whole person.

Homeric Hymn to Asklepios:

” Doctor of our ailing, Asklepios, I begin your praise,

Son of Apollo, awakened through Mother Koronis

Of the Dotion Plains, daughter of King Flegion,

Great to humanity, soother of cruel suffering.

 . . . Και συ ουτω χαιρε, αναξ. Λιτομαι δε σ’αοιδη.

 . . . And thus are you welcomed, Master. By this song I beseech you. “

auteur: Tick, E.
ISBN: 9780835607995
Additional DescriptionMore Details

For two decades, Dr. Edward Tick has researched and applied this age-old art in contemporary settings. Now he leads us through myth and history on an imaginal pilgrimage based on actual journeys he has made with clients to ancient healing sites. He also provides techniques we can use anywhere, without the help of specialists. His radical model shows how a consulting room, hospital, or any place of rest can be a haven for the recovery of the whole person. A review in Dream Time the Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams, concludes with “The Practice of Dream Healing is many different books woven into one fascinating whole: travelogue, personal journey, historical narrative, mythological study, psychological inquiry. As travel writing and personal narrative, it is compelling and enjoyable to read; as historical, psychological, and philosophical inquiry, it has much to offer contemporary dreamworkers and others in the healing professions.” Edward Tick, Ph.D., has practiced psychotherapy since 1975. He began treating severely traumatized Vietnam veterans in 1979. By the mid-1980s, he was convinced that more radical transformative techniques were necessary to heal the deep wounds to the soul each survivor endured. Thus, he embarked on a worldwide exploration of traditional healing practices. He began teaching the Greek tradition and leading healing and growth workshops in the early 1990s. Since 1995, he has led eight healing journeys to Greece and Turkey, during which he has focused on the powerful dream healing techniques of Asklepios. He is the director and senior psychotherapist of Sanctuary: A Center for Mentoring the Soul in Albany, New York.


Prijs: € 19,95

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Finding Faith in the Face of Doubt – A Guide for Contemporary Seekers

By Joseph S. Willis.

135 Pages | First Quest Edition 2001 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835608050.

We know we don’t know‘ Willis sympathizes with the Greek philosopher Socrates, yet he adds: ‘we all (even atheists) must stand on assumptions that help us lead good lives‘. To explore these assumptions, he discusses different ways of thinking about God, involves both scientific and mythical views, deals with sources of good and evil, and argues for the need for freedom together with commitment. He assures us we can all think reasonably about Ultimate Reality and find a faith that fits and offers a reader-friendly guide helping questioners to maintain their integrity, whilst relating to the Ultimate Mystery beyond all understanding.

From the Introduction (p. 1):

” Everyone needs a faith, a commitment, that is congruent with her or his reason and knowledge, and it must be personal. There is no single way; ultimate truth is simply beyond human reach. But for yourself, for the sake of your own integrity, as a place upon which to stand as you make your life’s decisions, you must find a faith that makes real sense to you. It’s your life, your heart, and your mind.

This book is for people, who doubt the traditional answers, but who believe that the sheer accumulation of material things is not a satisfying way to live. It’s about faith and reason and truth from science, philosophy, and the religions of humankind. “




auteur: Willis, J.S.
ISBN: 0835608050
Additional DescriptionMore Details

The book grew from theology classes Willis taught in Unitarian churches and universities and from conversations with discontented members of other discussion groups. His clear and engaging prose is full of lively exchanges with his students. Frequent references to the best contemporary theologians (Bishop Spong, for example) and to philosophers, physicists, mythologists, and Bible experts provide an inspiring resource for those who long to resolve the conflict between faith and reason, doubt and belief. Joseph Willis, M.Div., former Presbyterian and Unitarian pastor, founded the Interreligious Council at the University of New Mexico. Now retired, he still counsels at Unitarian and Methodist churches. He is Minister Emeritus at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO, and teaches adult classes at Jefferson and in a local Methodist congregation.


Prijs: € 17,50

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Hammering Hot Iron – A Spiritual Critique of Bly’s ‘Iron John’ (1990)

By Charles Upton.

246 Pages | First Quest Edition 1933 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560697X.

Hammering Hot Iron is a rare work, that raises important questions, draws vital distinctions, and elevates discourse within the spiritual community on the Men’s Movement, Jungian psychology, archetypical and mythological studies, and polytheistic religions. Drawing on the perennial philosophy, the universal expression of absolute truth, Upton offers a metaphysical and cultural critique of Robert Bly’s Iron John (1990). Upton adopts Bly’s shadow in the Jungian sense. His intellectual argument is masterfully intertwined with his own personal and spiritual journey, often expressed through original poetry.

From Chapter – ‘The Rejection of Transcendence (p.15):

” The Men’s Movement is a cultural phenomenon unique to our time. We’ve reached the point as a society, where the assumption that man are the dominant sex no longer protects them from a sense of radical imbalance and alienation. As almost anyone who looks can see, the storm of cultural and technological change now assaulting us had called all traditional male roles into question and replaced them with cartoonlike creatures. Caricatures, however, are not enough to live by. […] But what would it be like if men were simply – men? This is the question the Men’s Movement is trying its best to answer, on the wing in any way it can. The tradition of working consciously to redefine masculinity in the face of radical social transformation goes back at least as far as D.H. Lawrence, and includes, among others, writers like Henry Miller and perhaps Jack Kerouac. “



auteur: Upton, C.
ISBN: 083560697X

Prijs: € 16,20

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De Maskers van Odin – Oud-Noorse Wijsheid

Door Elsa-Brita Titchenell (1915 – 2002).

370 Pagina’s | Uitgegeven in 2005 | Softcover | Theosophical University Press Agency, Den Haag | ISBN: 9070328631.

De Maskers van Odin opent onze ogen voor Wijsheid, die lang verzegeld is geweest en onthult oeroude kennis uit een tijd, waarin wetenschap, filosofie en religie één waren. Door de heldere vertaling van de belangrijkste liederen van de Poëtische of Oudere Edda en de toelichtingen en aantekeningen van Elsa-Brita Titchenell wordt de tijdloze Wijsheid van de Skalden (leraren) begrijpelijk. De verhalen over Goden en helden, elfen en dwergen, reuzen en levensbomen worden met behulp van Theosofische sleutels ontcijferd, zodat de lezer een ruimer begrip krijgt van de kosmische visie in de Oud-Noorse mythologie.

Afkomstig uit Hoofdstuk 1 – ‘Mythen: Een Tijdscapsule’ (p. 11):

” De Naam Nibelungen, of ‘Niflungar’ in het Oud-Noors, betekent ‘kinderen van de mist (nifl nevel)’. Dit doet sterk denken aan de ‘zonen van de vuurnevel’ in De Geheime Leer, die ook krachten schijnen te zijn die een rol speelden bij het tot stand brengen van de oorspronkelijke wereld. De Niflungar werden opgevolgd door de Völsungar, wat ‘kinderen van völsi (fallus)’ betekent, een veel latere mensheid die toen was begonnen zich geslachtelijk voort te planten – een ontwikkeling die door de theosofie in de derde en daaropvolgende mensheden wordt geplaatst. “

auteur: Titchenell, E.B.
ISBN: 9070328631

Prijs: € 18,00

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The Myths of our Lives – A Way to Personal Transformation (Study Course)

By Joy Mills (1920- 2015).

41 Pages | Copyright 1990, 1996 by The Theosophical Society in America | A4 Study Course | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835601160.

While the program is divided in four parts, each part can be expanded into several sessions or compressed into one session. Participants in the program may determine how long or short a course they want it to be. Not included, but recommended, is a fifth section in which group members meet to share in total the myths they have written. Such a sharing is both personally valuable and provides a useful review to the material covered in the course.

From Chapter 4: ‘Creating Rituals’ (p. 26):

” Myth, symbol and ritual are all closely related and are all expressions of archetypical realities, that may or may not be conscious within us. In fact, as we become familiar with the myths of our lives, we may find that we have been performing many rituals quite unconsciously. Sometimes people, who are very much opposed to ritual and ceremony, or who think these are outmoded by contemporary scientific and rational ways of acting, discover they have been performing rituals all their lives and in fact have even been quite unconsciously governed by them. Just as in the preceding sessions we have become aware of the myths of our lives and discovered what archetypes of the heroic journey we are living out, we may now explore whether we can find new ways to live in the world, and even how we can activate the archetypes, that we would like to experience on our hero journey. “

auteur: Mills, J.
ISBN: 9780835601160

Prijs: € 7,50

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The Summer Solstice – Celebrating the Journey of the Sun from May Day to Harvest

John Matthews, Foreword by Caitlin Matthews.

144 Pages | First Quest Edition 2002 | Hardcover, incl. Illustrations | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835608158.

The sun is universally acknowledged as the source of all life, fertility, and good fortune, and so has been worshipped by all cultures across the earth. The Summer Solstice brings together myth and legend and offers new and old ways of celebrating the turning of the seasons.

Here we find a celebration of the customs and ceremonies of May Day, Midsummer and Harvest, as observed the world over. The deep and timeless themes underlying the characters of the Lord and Lady of the Summer are explored. Learn how the May Day revels were celebrated; discover the history of the Maypole and the myths behind the Midsummer games. And read how the establishment of the May King and Queen symbolized the struggle between Summer and Winter. Understand the significance of Midsummer’s Eve and the fairy people, and enjoy the ancient story of the death and resurrection of the corn Goddesses and Gods, passed on at Midsummer when ripening corn became the life-enhancing drink of Initiates and dancers.

Resplendent with full-color illustrations, each chapter includes songs, activities, recipes and meditations to help readers relate to the natural world in a meaningful and fun way. In a spirit of revelry, Matthews also provides full instructions for how to produce a Midsummer feast and a Harvest home fete. Families and folklore enthusiasts alike will enjoy this informative and entertaining sourcebook!

From Chapter 2 – ‘Gods and Heroes of Summer (p. 62):

A Midsummer Blessing at Stonehenge

” Though the thin rain lash the broad plain
And the sword-blade’s rimmed with mist,
Shake the bright light from the short night
Kiss the hele-stone in ancient tryst.

Thought the long tracks know no glad step
And the circle go unblessed,
From their long homes may the old ones
Welcome travelers upon their quest.

Though the keepers great no reaper,
And the grasses grow high,
May the Corn King dance his crop sign
In the barley, wheat and rye.

Though remembrance be a semblance
And the land thrums with wrong,
May the hele-stone be the leal throne
Where the sun awakens song.


Sun-stone’s kiss, Midsummer’s pleasure,
Welcome all and some.
At the hele-stone sing and gather,
Every blessed one. “

  • Caitlin Matthews.
auteur: Matthews, J.
ISBN: 0835608158

Prijs: € 25,00

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Memories And Visions Of Paradise

By Richard Heinberg.

308 Pages | Originally published in 1989, First Quest Edition 1995 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 083560716X.

‘Exploring the Universal Myth of a Lost Golden Age’.

Nearly every culture has been nourished by tales of a lost Golden Age, in which people lived in a peaceful harmony with nature and cosmos. Is the persistent image of an earthly Paradise merely the product of a perennial nostalgia for ‘good old days’ that never really existed? Or could it be a memory of a simpler time, before organized agriculture and industry enticed us away from the Garden?

In this revised and updated edition of his classic cross-cultural study of mythology, psychology and history, Richard Heinberg traces the roots and branches of human longing for Paradise lost, and with candor and hope, points the way toward its possible return.

From Chapter 3 – ‘In Search of Eden’:

” The first Age was Golden. In it faith and righteousness were cherished by men of their own free will without judges or laws. Penalties and fears there were non, nor were threatening words inscribed on unchanging bronze; nor did the suppliant crowd fear the words of its judge, but they were safe without protectors. Not yet did the pine cut from its mountain tops descend into the flowing waters to visit foreign lands, nor did deep trenches gird the town, nor were there straight trumpets, nor horns of twisted brass, nor helmets, nor swords. Without the use of soldiers the peoples in safety enjoyed  their sweet repose. Earth herself, unburdened and untouched by the hoe and unwounded by the ploughshare, gave all things freely . . . Spring was eternal . . . untilled the earth bore its fruits and the unploughed field grew hoary with heavy ears of wheat. “

auteur: Heinberg, R.
ISBN: 083560716X

Prijs: € 18,51

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