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12 maart 2021


Door C.G. Jung, vertalingen door Dr. E. Camerling en Pety de Vries-Ek.

115 Pagina’s | 2001, vijfde druk | Paperback | Lemniscaat Bv, Rotterdam | ISBN: 9060695062


Drie geschriften die het begrip ‘oerbeeld’ of ‘archetype’ van verschillende zijden belichten en daardoor voelbaar maken. In het eerste deel maakt Jung duidelijk hoe groot hij de invloed ziet van archetypen op de ontwikkeling van het zieleleven van de mens, vooral wanneer die niet harmonisch verloopt. Vervolgens behandelt Jung het oerbeeld van het kind, dat belangrijk kan zijn voor de ontplooiing van ieder mens en dat men ook in oude en moderne verhalen steeds weer tegenkomt. Het laatste deel, ‘geest en archetype in het sprookje’, toont hoe de werkzaamheid van de geest in het sprookje (als weerspiegeling van het menselijk leven) verel vormen aanneemt, die herkenbaar worden wanneer men zich daarvoor openstelt.

Auteur: Jung, C.G.
ISBN: 9060695062

Prijs: € 11,95

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Cinderella’s Gold Slipper – Spiritual Symbolism in the Grimm’s Tales

By Samuel Denis Fohr.

223 Pages | Copyright 1991 | Softcover | Quest Books U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606724.

You may think of the Grimm’s tales as ‘fairy tales’, which you heard as a child. But Samuel Fohr says that the Grimm’s tales are filled with spiritual symbolism, and as such have value for adults as well as children. Snow White, for example, is actually a story of creation and spiritual growth, and its message parallels Hindu and Judaic creation myths. Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella both portray journeying back to God. The author also looks at recurring themes in the stories and answers such questions as: What is the symbolic significance of the hungry wolf, who appears in many stories? Exactly what are genies and why are they always trapped in bottles?

A delightful, but serious examination of cherished stories, this book reveals new meaning in familiair tales. Samuel Fohr, is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and has taught courses in both Western and Eastern Philosophy. He also is the author of Adam and Eve – The Spiritual Symbolism of Genesis and Exodus.

From the Foreword (p. xii):

” There is, however, also a third level of reading the stories. All real fairy tales have an inner meaning and that is what makes them of such value. Blavatsky called it ‘their hidden meaning’, which she said has been comprehended in all ages by a few, who have ‘tried to open the eyes of the superstitious’ to the real meaning and use of the fairy tale. It is that level, which is dealt with in this book. In their essence, all folk and fairy tales describe the human adventure: our pilgrimage through the cosmos and our discovery of our own true nature. The setting of the fairy tale is a map to the esoteric universe, and its plot is our spiritual biography. As a character in J.B. Priestley’s play ‘I Have Been Here Before’ says, ‘We each live a fairy tale created by ourselves.’ ‘Cinderella’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Jack, The Giant Killer’, ‘Little Red Ridinghood’, ‘Snow White’, and all such traditional tales are maps of our way into – and out of – the Woods. They are guidebooks to our journey outward to the cosmos and inward into our own psyches. “

Auteur: Fohr, S.D.
ISBN: 0835606724

Prijs: € 10,00

The Real St. Nicholas: Tales of Generosity and Hope from around the World

Edited and translated by Louise Carus.

214 Pages | First Quest Edition 2020. ‘NAPRA Nautilus Award Grand Winner 2003’. | Softcover, with pictures | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608138.

‘While Santa Claus just brings toys, St. Nicholas changes lives and brings real joy’! 

The Real St. Nicholas is a jubilant celebration of spiritual values and the true meaning of the holiday season. Santa Claus is only a nickname. The historical Nicholas was a fourth-century bishop in what is now modern Turkey. Over time, tales of his goodness spread as far as Karelia, bordering Finland and Russia, throughout Europe. The Dutch brought him to the New World as Sinterklaas.

While slimmer than Santa, St. Nicholas is much larger in Spirit. He is the patron Saint not only of children, but also of sailors, bakers, bankers, prisoners, pharmacists, maidens, merchants and, New York City. But the traditions around him have been lost in America. Louise Carus restores this important image of the kind, wise Elder with rare stories from Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Russia and Armenia – among other countries. Most are simple folktales of powerful virtue. We hear of how Nicholas rescues orphans and soldiers, feeds the hungry, helps hapless lowers, outwits thieves and devils, and heals the ill and lame (including an ant!). An Afterword recounts modern legends of healing and rescue told by people living in Greece today.

The result is the best such collection available in English. It is a gift to all parents, educators, story loversm and others, who long to resanctify the holidays. There’s a story for each of the thirty-one days in December, but The Real St. Nicholas can inspire us on any day of the year.

Louise Carus, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst and the editor of Betwixt and Between and Crossroads: two books on adolescent ‘rites of passage’ recognized as classics in the field.

From Chapter – ‘Signs of St. Nicholas Today’ (p. 191):

” A miller, Fragiadakis Mixales, who lives outside of  Zaros, Crete, told us this story about his daughter. It happened when the girl was about four years old and suffering from epilepsy:

‘After my daughter had had several seizures, my wife took her to our nearby St. Nicholas monastery. She laid her down to sleep just at the entrance of the monastery under an olive tree and then went into the church to pray for her healing. When my wife returned to our daughter, the little one awoke and said: ‘And old man with a white beard came and touched my hand and told me, ‘You are well now”.’

My daughter never had another seizure. She is married now, with two children, and lives in Athens. This true story is well known in my community. “

auteur: Carus, L.
ISBN: 9780835608138
Additional DescriptionMore Details

While slimmer than jolly old Santa, the historical saint is much larger in character. Celebrated as protector of the wronged and patron saint of children, Nicholas is, in essence, a Western bodhisattva: an enlightened being who serves those in need. This book restores him as an important lost archetype of the Wise Old Man, clustering stories according to such appealing themes as rescuing, nurturing, outwitting evil, and healing. Louise Carus spent two years researching and translating material to bring us the best collection available in English. It will delight parents, educators, community organizers, story lovers, and others eager to decommercialize and resanctify the holidays. Indeed, the generous spirit of the real St. Nicholas can inspire us any day of the year. “Everyone who loves a good story will want to add this book to their collection. Parents will find family values and children will discover delight in goodness all through these warm tales.” — Father Gabriel Bullock, OSB, St. Bede Abbey, La Salle, Illinois “In collecting this wonderful cauldron of stories, old and new, Louise Carus has done a great service to all who love the festival of Christmas. A much needed, “must read” book!” — John Matthews, author of The Winter Solstice


Prijs: € 24,00

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The Three Gates and Other Stories

By Harry Banks.

206 Pages | Published in 1967 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | No ISBN.

For children of all ages, who love Truth, Beauty & Goodness.

This Volume of 30 stories is in part a reincarnation, so to speak, of the earlier edition of Fifteen Stories, with another fifteen now added. It is hoped they will prove useful to Round Table groups, but no doubt they will be enjoyed by children of all ages, from seven to seventy. Their purpose is to point to the ideals of Service, Loyalty, Courage, Compassion and to evoke a love for all that is beautiful and noble.

From Chapter – ‘The Three Gates’ (p. 206):

The last gate shone more brilliantly than ever, and as the pair approached, it began to slowly open, and with unbounded joy they ran through and quickly reached the wonderful Lake. You never heard such bird song, and a kind of golden haze filled the air, it was indeed a hallowed place. ‘Now at least you are here, look into the waters of the lake, and you will gain your heart’s desire’, said her Fairy Guide.

Jennifer looked down expectantly, and what did she find? She saw her own face, but it was lit with such happiness that BEAUTY, such as she never thought possible, transfigured her in all her features. She now knew the Great Secret: Everyone is Beautiful, for GOD, who is Beauty and Love, resides in every heart. But the heart must be opened with the key of Love, and GOD will emerge, to shine through our lives in Happiness and Joy! “

auteur: Banks, H.

Prijs: € 2,27

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