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– The language of MA the primal mother – The evolution of the female image in 40,000 years of global Venus Art

26 maart 2013

587 pages | 2013 | Paperback | Uitgeverij A3 Boeken

Venus Art reflects the consciousness of egalitarian societies of peace in which women and feminine values play or have played a central role, and where MA or the MATER or MOTHER and the primal mothers of the clan are central.

It reveals the symbolic and spiritual character of Venus Art with its basic themes of life, death, life after death and reincarnation.

It gives a historical framework in which the female image evolves, but also crumbles within the Near East from 10,000 BC to the year 0. This shows that while at first the well-rounded seated lady enjoys a respected position in society, during the Bronze and Iron Ages. She is considerably slimmed down and loses her nudity by being swathed in layers of clothing.

This reveals how the position of woman and the image of the feminine deteriorate against the backdrop of an increasingly complex, hierarchical and militarised society.

Remember MA • Welcome a new art historical approach that defi nitively maps the contribution of woman to evolution and brings to an end a male world history without women. • Remember the primal mothers, who much later were called ‘Venuses’ and sometimes pin-ups. This book rehabilitates them as the first leaders of humanity. • Learn about a global feminine system of symbols that shows an astonishing consistency and coherency. • Witness how prehistoric cultures produced much more feminine art than masculine art. • Understand why the feminine was pictured so often in old and modern female-friendly societies of peace and balance. • Learn to discern an ancient primal mother from a later goddess, priestess and worshipper. • See how a male system of symbols is laid over the older feminine system of symbols; now the female image is devalued and the world is changed in a valley of tears. • Meet the lost Lady of Old Israel in images and texts and see how she is transculturally transformed into Mary, the Lady of all Nations in Christianity. Dr Annine E.G. van der Meer (1953) is a Dutch historian of religion and holds a PhD in theology from the University of Utrecht. She is the author of several books. She has travelled widely to retrace the universal hidden Mother in sacred texts, art and symbols. She is founder and president of the Dutch PanSophia Academy, school of Wisdom, where she also teaches. In July 2010 33 women of international standing in their particular fields were honoured in the ‘Manifest Female Energy’. Annine van der Meer was one of six Dutch women to be decorated. According to the manifest, they have contributed to transformation processes in the world; a new world, in which feminine and masculine energies mutually inspire each other and are growing towards a new, powerful and creative world order.


Prijs: € 29,95

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