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Think on These Things

10 juni 2010

258 pages | Paperback | Harper Perennial, 1989

"Culture has many aspects, and we shall plunge straightway into a broad consideration of the matter." -- J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti examines with characteristic objectivity and insight the expressions of what we are pleased to call our culture, our education, religion, politics and tradition; and he throws much light on such basic emotions as ambition, greed and envy, the desire for security and the lust for power – all of which he shows to be deteriorating factors in human society.

Nederlandse vertaling: Denk daar maar eens overna.

’ ‘Krishnamurti’s observations and explorations of modern man’s estate are penetrating and profound, yet given with a disarming simplicity and directness. To listen to him or to read his thoughts is to face oneself and the world with an astonishing morning freshness.’"-- Anne Marrow Lindbergh

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 0060916095

Prijs: € 18,00

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