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The Summer Solstice – Celebrating the Journey of the Sun from May Day to Harvest

15 mei 2019

John Matthews, Foreword by Caitlin Matthews.

144 Pages | First Quest Edition 2002 | Hardcover, incl. Illustrations | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835608158.

The sun is universally acknowledged as the source of all life, fertility, and good fortune, and so has been worshipped by all cultures across the earth. The Summer Solstice brings together myth and legend and offers new and old ways of celebrating the turning of the seasons.

Here we find a celebration of the customs and ceremonies of May Day, Midsummer and Harvest, as observed the world over. The deep and timeless themes underlying the characters of the Lord and Lady of the Summer are explored. Learn how the May Day revels were celebrated; discover the history of the Maypole and the myths behind the Midsummer games. And read how the establishment of the May King and Queen symbolized the struggle between Summer and Winter. Understand the significance of Midsummer's Eve and the fairy people, and enjoy the ancient story of the death and resurrection of the corn Goddesses and Gods, passed on at Midsummer when ripening corn became the life-enhancing drink of Initiates and dancers.

Resplendent with full-color illustrations, each chapter includes songs, activities, recipes and meditations to help readers relate to the natural world in a meaningful and fun way. In a spirit of revelry, Matthews also provides full instructions for how to produce a Midsummer feast and a Harvest home fete. Families and folklore enthusiasts alike will enjoy this informative and entertaining sourcebook!

From Chapter 2 - 'Gods and Heroes of Summer (p. 62):

A Midsummer Blessing at Stonehenge

" Though the thin rain lash the broad plain
And the sword-blade's rimmed with mist,
Shake the bright light from the short night
Kiss the hele-stone in ancient tryst.

Thought the long tracks know no glad step
And the circle go unblessed,
From their long homes may the old ones
Welcome travelers upon their quest.

Though the keepers great no reaper,
And the grasses grow high,
May the Corn King dance his crop sign
In the barley, wheat and rye.

Though remembrance be a semblance
And the land thrums with wrong,
May the hele-stone be the leal throne
Where the sun awakens song.


Sun-stone's kiss, Midsummer's pleasure,
Welcome all and some.
At the hele-stone sing and gather,
Every blessed one. "

  • Caitlin Matthews.
auteur: Matthews, J.
ISBN: 0835608158

Prijs: € 25,00

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