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Public Like a Frog – Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans

17 januari 2020

By Jean Houston.

294 Pages | A Quest Original 1993 |  Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606945.

Come to the Mystery School in this first of a three-book series drawn from Jean Houston's acclaimed Seminars.

In this Soul-stirring exploration into three uniquely American lives, internationally known psychologist, philosopher, spiritual guide, and 'master teacher' Jean Houston weaves an evocative tapestry of biography, psyche, history, culture, and spirit. Through provocative storytelling, searching analysis, and deep experiental processes, the lives of Emily Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson and Helen Keller are mined for transpersonal and archetypal gold.

  • Celebrate the senses with Emily Dickinson; proclaim your own 'Declaration of Interdependence' with Thomas Jefferson; step across the frame into the imaginal world with Helen Keller.
  • Discover that the giants of our American past are archetypes with as much transformational power as any figures from mythology.
  • Experience the possible human and in so doing, maximize your own potential for creativity, leadership and sensitivity.

From Part I - 'Emily Dickinson' (p. 55):

" The Daisy follows soft the Sun - 

And when his golden walk is done - 

Sits shyly at his feet - 

He - waking - finds the flower there - 

Wherefore - Marauder - art thou there?

Because, Sir, love is sweet!

We are as the Flower - Thou the Sun!

Forgive us, if as days decline - 

We nearer steal to Thee!

Enamored of the parting West - 

The peace - the flight - the Amethyst - 

Night's possibility! "

auteur: Houston, J.
ISBN: 0835606945

Prijs: € 16,20

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