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Astrology Beyond Ego

18 september 2019

By Tim Lyons.

188 Pages | A Quest Original, First Edition 1986 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606120.

In this book, an attempt is made to look more closely at the basic, structural implications of astrology, at its foundations or philosophic base, by examining the fruit of the astrological tree, fruit which has proven itself healthy through actual life-giving application. But more particularly, this Volume examines the inner core of the fruit - the pit, or pith, or seeds - for the core is a microcosm of the tree itself, containing all its potentials.

On another level, this work attempts to address the larger question: 'What does Astrology imply about the human condition'? Astrological symbology is discussed from the standpoint of its inherent Perennial Wisdom. This Wisdom is not lacking in practical value, but this value cannot be appropiated by ego. In the end, the Perennial Wisdom of Astrology is that it directs us, through the inner logic of its symbols, to see the necessity of spiritual growth for human beings. The sum and substance of the hard line is that the solidity of ego is an illusion, an illusion which is in the end only a limitation that obscures our vision, our freedom, and our ability to relate fully with others.

From Chapter 8 - 'The Illusionairy Prison; Astrology, Freedom and Ego ' (p. 170):

'" The world has often been referred to as a prison house. Astrology may at first seem threatening, because it demonstrates the structure of the prison, thus bringing our fears to the surface. But in the end it can actually show us the inner structure of the prison house, thus allowing us to escape. It can also show us that the walls of the prison are not solid, but permeable, no more solid than the person they surround. In this way, astrological knowledge can be liberating. "

auteur: Lyons, T.
ISBN: 0835606120

Prijs: € 8,51

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