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The Labours of Hercules – An Astrological Interpretation

21 januari 2022

By Alice Bailey (1880 - 1949).

229 Pages | 2018, eighth edition | Paperback | Lucis Publishing Company, New York | ISBN: 9780853301370.

The story of the dramatic experiences of the great and ancient Son of God, Hercules or Herakles, will give us a synthetic picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance to wisdom, from material desire to spiritual achievement.... Its theme will be found to be so inclusive that all of us, struggling in our present modern life, can make application to ourselves of the tests and trials, the failures and achievements of this heroic Figure, who strove, centuries ago, towards the same goal as we do.

A secondary object of this study is to present an aspect of astrology which will differ from that usually expressed. We shall trace the story of Hercules as he passed through the twelve signs of the zodiac. In each sign he expressed its characteristics, and in each signm he achieved some fresh knowledge of himself, and through that knowledge demonstrated the power of the sign and acquired the gifts which the sign conferred. In each of the signs we shall find him surmounting his natural tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny, and demonstrating the fact that the stars incline, but do not control.

Author: Bailey, A.
ISBN: 9780853301370

Prijs: € 14,95

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