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Notes on the Bhagavad-Gītā

12 februari 2020

The first seven Chapters by William Quan Judge (1851 - 1896) and the remaining Chapters by a Student taught by him.

237 Pages | Copyright 1918 | Hardcover | Theosophy Company, Los Angeles U.S.A. | ISBN: 0938998102.

This book has been made possible by the generosity of a Student, who is a member of The United Lodge of Theosophists. The matter in it appeared in the Magazine Theosophy, published by that Lodge, in various issues from November, 1913, to February, 1917. Notes upon Chapters One to Seven, inclusive, were written by William Q. Judge and were first printed in his magazine The Path, appearing in various numbers from 1887 to 1895. These Notes by Mr. Judge were signed 'William Brehon, F.T.S.,' or 'William Brehon', pen names used by Mr. Judge.

The Notes for the remaining eleven Chapters were written by a Student of Mr. Judge, one who was personally taught by him and whose explanations and comments will be found in accord with the spirit and genius of his teacher.

From Chapter Seventeenth (p. 224 & 225):

" The last section of this Chapter refers to the three-fold designation of the Supreme Spirit as Om, Tat, Sat, the tri-une Deity in its triple aspects corresponding to creation, preservation and destruction while re-creating, or in order to re-create. The word Om or Aum is at once an invocation of the highest within, a benediction, an affirmation, and a promise; its proper use is said to lead to a realization of the Self within. The Aum contains within itself all the aspects and implies the Universe controlled by the Supreme Spirit. It represents the constant current of meditation, which ought to be carried on by every man, even while engaged in the necessary duties of life. There is for every conditioned being a target at which the aim is constantly directed; in the 'Mundakya Upanishad' there is the following:

'Om is the bow, the Self is the arrow, Brahman is called its aim. It is to be hit by a man, who is not thoughtless; and then as the arrow becomes one with the target, he will become one with Brahman. Know him alone as the Self, and leave off other words. He is the bridge of the Immortal. Meditate on the Self as Om'. "



auteur: Judge, W.Q.
ISBN: 0938998102

Prijs: € 7,26

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