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Adyar- Historical Notes & Features up to 1934

5 april 2019

By Mary Katherine Neff (1877 - 1948) and others with a foreword by Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa (1875 - 1953).

54 Pages | First edition 1934; published as A Guide to Adyar, second edition 1999 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170593328.

From Java westwards to Vancouver, from Iceland southwards to New Zealand, through the three Americas, North, South and Central, and in the islands of the Antilles, wherever live and work the Theosophists among whom I have been, the word Adyar represents not only a place but a vision of hope for mankind. The home of the Theosophical Society - the 'Parent Society' as it has been called, from which have now branched several independent offschoots - is for tens of thousands that place where flies a wonderful flag of idealism.

This idealism, which Adyar bodies forth is represented by a group of theosophical workers from many lands, and representing all the world faiths, who toil to make of all the nations and of all the religions one indivisible whole. To build bridges between people and people by proclaiming the power of the ideal of brotherhood, to build bridges between faith and faith, science and religion, between work and art, by stating to a modern world the old truths of Divine Wisdom, this is Adyar's work day by day . . .

From page V:

" A place between the river and the seas,
Divine and filled with an almighty peace.
You, who have heard the sound of angel's wings
And, answerless, have questioned without cease,
Rest here, and learn the very Scheme of Things. "

  • Isabel Foulkes.




auteur: Neff, M.K.
ISBN: 8170593328

Prijs: € 1,32

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