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Exploring Karma & Rebirth

25 februari 2022

By Nagapriya

160 Pages | 2005, second printing | Paperback | Windhorse Books, Newtown | ISBN 9781899579617

Exploring Karma & Rebirth helps us to unravel the complexities of these two important but often misunderstood Buddhist doctrines.

This thought provoking book:
• clarifies these traditional Buddhist teachings,
• examines them in relation to their cultural origins and considers how they are still relevant today, and
• offers an imaginative reading of what the teachings could mean for us now.

Above all, Exploring Karma & Rebirth insists that, to be of enduring value, these doctrines must continue to serve the overriding aim of Buddhism: spiritual awakening.

Author: Nagapriya
ISBN: 9781899579617

Prijs: € 13,95

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