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Reincarnation for the Christian

12 februari 2020

By Quincy Howe Jr.

112 Pages | Copyright 1974 | Softcover | Quest Books U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835606260.

As more and more people in the Western world become intrigued with the 'magnificent possibility' of reincarnation, the question is frequently asked if one can believe in this concept and remain a Christian. The answer according to the author, a Christian scholar, is: Absolutely!

To back up his claim, Dr. Howe Jr. cites Chapter and verse from the Holy Bible, that clearly indicates an understanding and acceptance of the rebirth theory. Howe includes an explanation of the reincarnational philosophy, the process of rebirth, and explains how a series of physical lifetimes can provide a greater opportunity for the growth of the personality and the Soul.

He examines the evolution of Christian thought over the centuries, pinpointing the historical episode during which the concept of reincarnation was outlawed by the Christian hierarchy. He follows with a superb overview of Christianity's greatest systematic theologian, the heretic Origen, who strongly advocated the inclusion of reincarnation as a legitimate Christian concept.

From the Introduction (p. 15):

" Now as never before the Christian Church is being called upon to prove its flexibility and responsiveness to change. An institution whose traditions are sacred and whose doctrines are revealed truth is being besieged from all sides by new philosophies, both sacred and profane. Some of these are openly antagonistic to organized religion, whereas others have an ambivalent impact. While I certainly do not suggest that the survival of the Church depends on its willingness to accept reincarnation, I do believe that the issue provides a case study of the kind of modern heresy that the church is going to be forced to confront. Some of these modern heresies may have the potential to give the Church a much-needed infusion of vitality. Perhaps this will prove to be true of reincarnation. "

auteur: Howe, Q.
ISBN: 0835606260

Prijs: € 9,76

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