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Seek Out the Way – Studies in ‘Light on the Path’

13 november 2019

By Rohit Mehta.

98 Pages | First edition 1955, second edition 1957, first reprint 1990 | Softcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170591465.

Dutch translation: Zoek naar de Weg - Studies in 'Licht op het Pad', translation by E.J.H. Bonjer-van Eeghen | Published in 1977 and part of The Lotusreeks |Uitgeverij der Theosofische Vereniging in Nederland | ISBN: 9789061750413.

Light on the Path (Dutch: Licht op het Pad) is one of the most precious gems in the literature of modern Theosophy. It may rightly be described as the most outstanding book on the Mysticism of Theosophy. Ever since its publication seventy years ago, this book has been a source of inspiration to large numbers of people throughout the world. The origins of this book are 'lost in the mists of pre-historic antiquity', and in the course of thousands of years its form has been enlarged by the inclusion of different commentaries. In its original form it is believed to have contained thirty aphorisms written as a palm-leaf manuscript. These thirty aphorisms have been retained in the modern editions of the book, but together with them commentaries and notes have also been added so that in the present form the book is much larger than it was in the olden times. These thirty aphorisms contain spiritual instructions of profound significance. A book like Light on the Path transcends all limitations of age and race and, therefore, has universal application. The instructions contained in this book are of great value to men and women of our age as they were to the spiritual aspirants of previous generations.

From Chapter IX - 'The Middle Way' (p. 98):

" To live in the present - this indeed is the secret of treading the Path. It is here that the spiritual pilgrim realizes that the discovery of the Path and the treading of the Path are a joint phenomenon - not separated by an interval of time. When the discovery and the treading of the Path become a joint phenomenon then the problem of discipline no longer exists. In fact man becomes the meeting place of the great spiritual paradox: Freedom in Discipline. "

auteur: Mehta, R.
ISBN: 8170591465

Prijs: € 3,30

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