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The Masters and the Path (Abridged)

6 juni 2018

By Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 - 1934).

322 Pages | Third edition, 4th reprint, 2015 | (1st ed. 1925) | Hardcover | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 9788170591986.

Leadbeater, eminent seer and occultist, writes in this book of the Perfected Men, the Masters, 'Men beyond mankind', whose existence 'is one of the most important of the many facts, which Theosophy puts before us'.

Drawing on his personal experiences, the experiences of others, and the teachings of the religions, the mystics and the saints, he writes about the personalities of the Masters, their homes, their work, their nature and their powers. He also decribes the various stages on the Path the aspirant has to thread to reach them, from probation to acceptance as their disciple, and beyond.

auteur: Leadbeater, C.W.
ISBN: 9788170591986
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Prijs: € 29,00

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