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Yoga Beyond Fitness – Getting More than Exercise from an Ancient Spiritual Practice

3 april 2019

By Tom Pilarzyk, Ph.D.

267 Pages | First Quest Edition 2008 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608633.

Exotic yoga vacations, designer clothing, new hybrid forms; yoga for weight loss; yoga for your dog . . . Author Tom Pilarzyk believes something essential has been lost as the 5.000-year-old spiritual practice has become a $6 billion pop culture industry. We tap its true power only by returning to yoga's roots: Holding daily intention, welcoming difficulties that test resolve, opening the heart when feeling victimized, and remembering to breathe deeply and witness the spontaneous play of energy all around. Yoga beyond Fitness offers a bridge to yoga's serious meaning for the millions, who use it for exercise, but want more. It traces America's love affair with yoga while offering an overview of diverse teachings.

From Chapter - 'The Frog under our Mat':

" Social recovery and personal metamorphosis begin by examining our own perceptions and intentions and our own expectations and judgements of ourselves. It cannot be otherwise. Only in this way do we begin to gain freedom from clinging to past deficiency where we are never good enough, strong enough, straight enough, long enough, wise enough, or young enough just to be who and how and what we are at this very moment. The natural outcome of our transformation is happiness, at peace with ourselves and the world. This is Yoga's promise, what Krishnamacharya once called India's greatest gift. We must not waste it on what it was never meant to be.  "


auteur: Pilarzyk T.
ISBN: 9780835608633

Prijs: € 16,75

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