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The Theatre of the Mind – Evolution in the Sensitive Cosmos

22 februari 2019

By Henryk Skolimowski (1930 - 2018).

167 Pages | A Quest Original, first edition 1984 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835605884.

This stimulating book of 'evolutionairy illuminations' expresses the eonic drama of our eternal growth - from instinct to intuition. Skolimowski is a constant delight and surprise as an image-breaking philosopher/scientist/mystic. He establishes his position as an intrepid spokesperson for ecologically sound progress. He writes irreverent things in a reverent manner. From Prometheus to Prigogine, through a philosophy founded on experience, he develops the law of progressive development based on an ever-growing sensitivity to life.

From the Introduction (p. 21):

  1.  " The coming age is to be seen as the age of stewardship: we are here not to govern and exploit, but to maintain and creatively transform for the benefit of all beings.

  2. The world is to be conceived as a sanctuary. We belong to certain habitats; they do not belong to us. They are the source of our culture and our spiritual sustenance. We must maintain their integrity and sanctity.

  3. Knowledge is to be conceived, not as a set of ruthless tools for atomizing nature, but as ever more subtle devices for helping us to maintain our spiritual and physical equilibrium. "



auteur: Skolimowsky, H.
ISBN: 0835605884

Prijs: € 8,28

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