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The Apocalypse and Initiation

21 februari 2020

By Daisy E. Grove.

131 Pages | First Adyar Edition 2005 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170594626.

The first part of the book explains the symbolism of the Apocalypse. An enigma to orthodoxy, this word has been interpreted in countless ways and speculated upon for the hidden meaning it is intended to convey. Significantly it found inclusion in the Christian Canon and has been preserved unaltered through centuries.

In the second part, the author explains that apocalypse is indeed 'unveiling' of what had been hidden, and goes on to present the Mystery-Drama of Initiation, in seven principal acts/episodes based on the authorized version of the Bible. The drama ends with the marriage, symbolizing the union of the Soul and the Spirit.

From Chapter 5 - 'Animal Symbols' (p. 47):

" The horn is a universal symbol of power, therefore the horns of this bogus lamb indicate the power that it exerts in its own realm. The horns of animals are their strength and defence, the leader of a flock being the horned male. Hence, the horns of the ram (Aries) associated with man's intellectual principle symbolizes his ruling faculty or powers of leadership. In biblical language, to lift up the horn, exalt the horn, cut off the horn, always refers to powers strengthened, abused or weakened. The speech of the pseudo-lamb, compared to that of a dragon, is pretended knowledge, for the dragon, like the serpent, is a familiar emblem of Wisdom. "


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