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22 februari 2019

By Ramjivan Sinha.

39 Pages | First edition 1970, first reprint 1993 | Booklet | Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN: 8170592267.

We learn from the study of Theosophy, the Ancient Wisdom, that while man is alive, his inner principles, namely Spirit, Intuition, Intellect, lower Manas and Kama, all are mixed together; that at our best moments we get some rays of Light or inspiration from the higher principles and we produce a beautiful work of art. And that there are moments when we fall back from such heights and are prone to karmic influences, which lead to contradictions in life. Very often, therefore, we find instances of self-indulgence, moral laxity or looseness, physical imbalance, loneliness or depression in the lives of artists. We are trying to discover ways of total creative living, in which there is no such contradiction, in which the life-stream flows freely and smoothly, in all its loveliness and beauty all the time . . .

From page 39:

" It has been said (above), that the constant openness of one's being is an essential pre-requisite for discovery. To this may be added an attitude of constant helpfulness. As the plants and trees are pouring themselves out all the time for the joy of all around, so also the individual must learn to give, to serve and to sacrifice with joy. 'What is the best that I can give or contribute? What way can I serve best'? Such questions the individual should, off and on, put to him or herself, in quiet moments and in solitude. The deep within will probably give the answer, and if one is open and alert, one will listen and discover one's true vocation. "

auteur: Sinha, R.
ISBN: 8170592267

Prijs: € 1,80

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