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To Be and How to Be

16 oktober 2019

By Peggy Rubin.

287 Pages | First Quest Edition 2010 | Softcover | The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar | ISBN:  9780835608534.

' The play of life is a daring adventure. Live it for all it's worth and say yes! No matter what . . . '

So says author and popular Sacred Theatre workshop leader Peggy Rubin. Drawing on decades of experience, she helps us take the leading role in our own life by tapping into the nine powers of the theatre, including Story, Expression, Point of View, Conflict and Celebration. With imaginative exercises throughout, her long-awaited book is fun, profound, and exuberantly transformative!

From the 'Prologue' (p. 2):

" This book uses the traditional theatre as a metaphor for framing and living life. I think of it as a dialogue between us. We will be talking about how actors work as they prepare and play their roles and how their training can provide ways for us all to live more buoyantly. First, may I share some thoughts about how I believe the theatre began as a sacred act, how your life is a sacred art form, and why I call what we are doing together Sacred Theatre.

Let us return to the ancient firelight and our ancestor's celebration over the roasting meat. We can imagine the excitement as the first actor rises to enact the story of the hunt; we can almost hear the accompanying sounds and feel his listener's enormous gratitude for the animal that gave its life to provide protein and also gave them this reason to celebrate - and, incidentally, to invent the theatre. "

Auteur: Rubin, P.
ISBN: 9780835608534

Prijs: € 17,95

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