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Magic – White & Black

10 juni 2010

298 pages | Paperback | TAT Foundation, 1980

This classic work addresses magic as the exercise of spiritual power obtained by practicing self-control. Dr. Hartmann considered the spiritual regeneration of Man the highest form of Magic. This book gives the reader a priceless formula for mental power and spiritual achievement.

“Magic may be said to be that science which deals with the mental and moral powers of man, and shows what control he may exercise over himself and others.”

“Before one can become a magician he must learn to control his own mind; for mind is the substance with which the magician acts, and the power to control it is the beginning of magic.”

“The beginning of all knowledge is the knowledge of self; the knowledge of the soul and not the vagaries of the brain.”

“True religion is the realization of truth.” “Truth never changes: but we ourselves change, and as we change so changes our aspect of the truth.” “Do not believe that there is anything higher in the universe than your own divine self, and know that you are exactly what you permit yourself to become.”

auteur: Hartmann, F.

Prijs: € 12,95

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