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Head and Heart – A Personal Exploration of Science and the Sacred

24 april 2019

By Victor Mansfield (1941 - 2008).

285 Pages | First Quest Edition 2002 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. suppported by the Kern Foundation | ISBN: 0835608174.

This scientist's search for spirit can change how we think and feel about what matters most.

It is possible to hope that modern science and ancient spiritual traditions can be integrated in some higher synthesis. Ravi Ravindra, a physicist and professor of Comparative Religion, says that such task is the most important of all, that can be undertaken by contemporary individuals, for on such a synthesis depends not only the global survival of man, but also the creation of the right environment, right both physically and metaphysically, for future generations.

Victor Mansfield agrees with Ravindra, that understanding the relationship between science and ancient spiritual traditions is of the utmost importance. However, he will argue that, given the nature of science and the sacred, a synthesis, in the sense of combining separate elements into one coherent whole, is impossible.

From Chapter 13 - 'Pilgrim and Prodigal' (p. 261):

" From the perspective of the indivisible, unchanging, or infinite aspect of Soul, all pairs of opposites are aspects of Soul's unity. From this lofty position, there is no question of conflict between the head and the heart, masculine and feminine, the outer and inner worlds, or science and the sacred. All knowledge and experience are merely different aspects of the indivisible or unified Soul. From this view, the divine is as much in my innermost thoughts as in the farthest galaxies, and idea echoed by mystics around the world, an idea that makes the entire world truly sacred. Equally then, the pain of another is my pain; another's joy is my joy. In this interplay of the infinite Soul and the finite Soul we can find the meaning of the great commandment, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself. ' Limited and finite though I AM, in the Majestic unity of Soul I have the responsibility of relieving the pain of those around me. "


auteur: Mansfield, V.
ISBN: 0835608174

Prijs: € 21,00

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