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A Flame of Learning – Krishnamurti with Teachers

19 januari 2019

By Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986).

205 Pages | Copyright 1993 | Softcover | Mirananda, Den Haag | ISBN: 9062718299.

Many educators and parents have found Krishnamurti's insights into the human condition and the nature of learning especially relevant to the education of children. For them and for others, who wish to live sanely and wisely in a world of growing confusion and who wish their children to do the same, this book will be a valued addition to his previous works.

In discussions with teachers at Brockwood Park School, which he founded in England in 1969, Krishnamurti assumes the role of a person coming to teach in such as school. Frankly and directly, he explores the new teacher's relationship with the school, with his colleagues and especially with students, questioning the nature of freedom and authority, the place of motive and self-interest, the source of fear and violence, and the possiblity of awakening intelligence and sensitivity to order. In the course of the exploration, they go into the nature of investigation itself, and consider the necessity for the clarity of observation and communication.

Above all, Krishnamurti challenges the teachers - and the reader - to look at the need for radical psychological change, and to consider the possibility of such change in all human beings.

" My concern . . . is to awaken this intelligence in my students, so that they will be free. "

auteur: Krishnamurti, J.
ISBN: 9062718299

Prijs: € 11,95

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