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The Heavens Declare – Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness

1 december 2018

By Alice O. Howell.

281 Pages | Copyright 1990, second edition 2006 | Softcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 9780835608350.

'The implications are staggering! Why don't more people know about these things!' So wonders Alice O. Howell, one of the most profound astrologers of our time and an authority on C.G. Jung's depth psychology. Her view of astrology as symbolic of archetypical processes provides a tool for the deep healing of the psyche. It also presents a bold synthesis of history, religions, mythology, and Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. Supported by irrefutable archaeological evidence, Howell traces the evolution of consciousness through five of the great astronomical Ages of the past ten thousand years. She explains the logic of the signs first, so that we can then marvel at the synchronicities.

Her findings imply a resolution of the Piscean dichotomy of faith and reason, that has reigned for two millennia. (Consider the current movement to marry physics and spirituality). This leads her to speculate on humanity's future tasks and traps. 'As foretold, it's not the world that's ending', she laughs. 'It's just the Age. And here comes the next!'. Simply written as letters to a friend and analyst, The Heavens Declare offers warm advice as it inspires us to experience one flash of insight after another.

From Chapter 1 - 'The Ring of Quiddity' (p. 13):

" Each star
is a kiss
I would give you -
should others
wake to a starless night
you would be lying
in my arms
covered with light. "


auteur: Howell, A.O.
ISBN: 9780835608350

Prijs: € 18,95

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