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The Millenium Myth – Love and Death at the End of Time

19 februari 2020

By Michael Grosso.

384 Pages | First Quest Edition 1995 | Hardcover | Quest Books, U.S.A. | ISBN: 0835607119.

In The Millenium Myth, Michael Grosso highlights the chief prophetic vision of the Western world and where it may be leading us. We can see it, the author tells us, unfolding in the high-tech of today and tomorrow: space colonization, terra-forming, bio-engineering, life-extension, cryonics - the lurch toward bionic superhumanity. Grosso's coinage, technocalypse, sums up his insight that technology is secretly driven by the Millenium Myth, a vision that is piloting human history toward recreating nature and reinventing humanity.

From the Conclusion: 'The Meaning of the Millennium Myth' (p. 359):

" The 'devil' is also called a dragon. The dragon is a fabulous beast, a serpent with wings. As such, it suggests the marriage of earth and heaven. The dragon symbolizes the Tao, the harmony of yin and yang, the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the coincidence of opposites. The dragon, thus seen in a more congenial, Eastern light, turns into a synthesis, of dialogue between the new and the old brain. As such, I take the dragon to be a fine image of the future of human evolution. John's error, then, is worse than we thought. Not only did he create the perfect myth for compulsive dualizers and demonizers, but he hobbled, by indulging in dragon baiting, any hope of improvement. Obviously, if the dragon symbolizes our evolutionary future, we need to embrace it, not ban it from our consciousness. In short, the Book of Revelation, by divorcing us from the Wisdom of the dragon, becomes a stumbling block to our spiritual evolution. "

auteur: Grosso, M.
ISBN: 0835607119

Prijs: € 25,46

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